Hiatus Hernia Repair/stent

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arjay | 16:39 Wed 12th Apr 2017 | Body & Soul
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I have had a hiatus hernia for many years which makes swallwing food very difficult but have just seen a reference to a STENT which is a plastic or metal tube inserted into the oesophagus.
Does anybody have experience of such a device,please.
If you have had a hiatus hernia repair recently would you pleae tell me how you got on with it and what the operation was like?
I am 85 and would pay for my own treatment.
Thank you


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This post will not be very helpful to you as i have never heard of a stent repair of a hiatus hernia.
Oesophageal stents are used routinely for strictures if the oesophagus is narrowed by cancer or injury or even in the oesophagus is perforated by accident during surgery...BUT...I have never heard of stents used for the primary surgical treatment of hiatus herniae.
As Squad says. However there are surgical procedures which may be used to repair a hiatus hernia. Scroll down to Surgery on this page:

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Hiatus Hernia Repair/stent

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