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Morrisonker | 03:22 Tue 18th Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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I've had braces since I was 11 (i'm now 19) and still have a fixed retainer type thing.  I've got my first appointment in ages coming up and I've just remembered I'm not eligable for free dental treatment anymore.  Will I have to pay for anymore work I have done on the braces or will it be free because it was started when I was younger? 


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Well I would imagine you would now have to try and find a National Health Dentist, for which there would still be a charge.  However in lots of areas of the country it is now impossible to find one.  Then you would have to go privately which everyone does in my area, and it can work out quite expensive.  If you are on benefits or something then I think you are still entitled to free dental treatment.   Whether your thing comes under some sort of 'medical' thing I am not sure, but I am sure another ABer will know. 

are you still in education??

hey there i got braces when i was 10 and still have a tiny little thing behind my 4 front teeth, mainly still there out of comfort, but prob due to come out in the next now 23 and i still get all my orthodontic treatment free... although any dentist work i need to pay for.

dont know if that will help u any...

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I've always had an NHS dentist, luckily and I intend to keep a tight grip of him!  I'm in 3rd year of university and although I don't mind paying the �6 or so for a check up I'll be severly annoyed if I have to start paying for the brace now, especially as the dentist has insisted on taking it slowly and only asking me to come back ever 6months to a year.
I had train tracks etc when I was 16 and then again in my late teens/early twenties (for three years)in preparation for a jaw op. I saw a different dentist for the braces than I did for general dentistry and I didn't have to pay anything for the braces. Don't know if you're seeing the same for both but if not I am pretty sure it's free across the board for braces.
You should be still eligible for free treatment as it started before you were 19. Generally speaking if you were exempt from charges at the start of a course of treatment then the exemption is usually valid for the duration of that course.

You can ask your dentist for an HC form if you are over 18 and in full time education or on a low income but this would only apply to NHS charges.

Hope this helps. x

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