Update For Sqad....hi Remember My Daughter Had Four Collapsed Lungs Continuued From

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lilacben | 21:40 Thu 23rd Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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December.... Hi sqad ..hope you are well.? sorry another update about my daughter... since the last episode in Dec she has been ok until two weeks ago... very short of breath again and in terrible pain.. went to GP and he sent her into hospital after x rays.. blood test they said it wasnt a collapsed lung but pluracy... and told her to rest and take pain killers.. She has been in bed most of this week until later afternoon and taking it very easy as still breathless and pain..she has also felt really sick and hasnt been able to eat...until today and the sickness went and she was able to eat some toast.. How long does pluracy usually last? many thanks Brenda x


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While you're waiting for Sqad . . .

If your daughter has only been given painkillers (rather than, say, antibiotics) then the doctors must be assuming that the underlying cause of the pleurisy will clear up of its own accord. That suggests that it's probably a virus, which your daughter's immune system should deal with within a few days.

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Thanks for the update.....on the whole, she seems to be doing quite well. As for her present condition, as Buenchico suggests it doesn't seem to be bacterial as she hasn't been given antibiotics. Pleurisy is commonly viral in origin and shouldn't last for more than 10 days.
Painful, debilitating but on it's own not serious.
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Thankyou Buenchico and sqad, That info was interesting. Just one thing I do not quite understand.. When my daughter had her operation in august they removed the lineing that protects the lung I thought and joined her lung to rib cage... was it not the pleura they removed.? sorry but as you know sqad I am intersted knowing medically about it. Brenda xx
Hi Lilac......I am not privy to the operation notes, obviously and i am trying to bring to mind the details. I think that she had recurrent bullae which were ligated (tied off) and the two layers of pleura (lining) stuck probably with powder, in which case no pleura was removed. However if the underlying lung was diseased, then just the adjacent pleura would have been removed, leaving the other (outer) layer intact.
That is my best guess from the details to hand.
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Yes sqad she had four collapsed lungs and the operation.. where they removed the bullae at the top of the lung.... nothing else wrong with the lung and stuck it.... then she had another collapsed lung in dec which they drained and xray showed it was leaking... the doctor thought it wasnt stuck properly on the side of the join. Next collapsed lung she will be taken straight to Bristol and they wil operate to stick it again.. Just unlucky she has now got a virus from somewhere that has given her pleurisy I suppose as she hasnt even had a cold.... Thankyou sqad as usual you have been very helpful. Brenda xx

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Update For Sqad....hi Remember My Daughter Had Four Collapsed Lungs Continuued From

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