New Hip Due To Arthritis

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smurfchops | 19:28 Thu 23rd Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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My arthritic hip is gradually getting more achey, mainly down the front of the leg and if I accidentally twist the leg... I have had an X-ray a couple,of years ago which says my hip is starting to Go. Should I leave it until I am in real pain, it is liveable at the moment, or start the process now?


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If the pain is increasing....start the process now.
Depending upon the type of hip replacement, it would certainly see you "out."
Start now, is my advice. I have 2 hip replacements and the pain can quite quickly become immobilising and severe all the time so that life becomes a nightmare. Had a cuppa with Mr. J2 and a neighbour yesterday - only 1 natural hip between the 3 of us!
In the early days of hip replacement, they were not so long lasting or successful. This meant that they were a better option than extreme pain and immobility but wouldn’t give you back an excellent quality of life and if you had one too early, you would need a revision which was never so successful as the first op. The op is now much more successful and the outcome much more durable now.
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Thanks all, I just have to be brave and go see the doctor!!
Definitly the best advice is to start the process to replacement now. I takes a few months to get through the build up and believe me it can get far worse overnight.

I have one, but my OH had a second hip end of last year. He is walking the mile to town no problem and pain free.

Good luck and don't leave it too long. You will look back and wonder what you were worried about.
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sooner the better !

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New Hip Due To Arthritis

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