I Cant Sleep

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nailit | 23:04 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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And its driving me mad.

I know before its said, ,,see my doctor!
Last time it was a case of 1001 questions, followed by advice on sleep hygeigne, followed by advice, followed by more advice, followed by a 'reluctant' prescription.
I cant sleep and its driving me mad (again)
Why the f***** Wont anyone help me when I'm practically begging?


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See your doc again, nailit. Maybe the doc will give you another prescription.
Have you tried Melatonin? Works for me.
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Tony, forgive me but aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggggr,
I just give up with doctors.
I've been like it lately Nailit, it is very upsetting. If I do eventually sleep, it's time to get up, but too exhausted. So I can sleep on till nearly lunch time some days, then feel really bad with myself! Perhaps your mind is overactive? I know mine is... I wish I knew the answer. You need to see sleep specialist maybe?
jesus it is only eleven oclock
I havent tried yet
Patsy why don't you try Melatonin?
I thought melatonin couldn't be bought in this country.

Nailit, if you know anyone going to the US soon, ask them to get you some Unisom from any pharmacy. They have the same ingredients as Nytol here, but somehow the construction of them sees to work better, IMO.

Clover I posted a link where to buy at 23.15.
Yes, ladybirder, yours was from USA but priced in Saudi Arabian Riyad, and it's not the same thing that I mentioned.
I'll look it up Ladybirder, thanks. Not sure if it would be ok to take with other meds I'm on...
to add to your add problems melatonin smells like ***. yuck
Unless you have an important early appointment tomorrow Nailit, stop worrying about .it. The more we stress about not sleeping it less sleep we get .

Our pre-natal exercise was to say "go to sleep toes, go to sleep feet, go to sleep ankles, go to sleep shins, go to sleep knees zzzzzz oooops, work all the way up and zzzzzzz
Oops that's the 1st time that's happened. OK here it is in £ sterling for Nailit.
Melatonin can interact with some medications and isn't suitable for certain conditions either.

I can't take it as I have Glaucoma - always best to check first.
Smell JJ. They are capsules. I've never smelt anything from them. Do you sniff things then? I just throw them down the back of my throat and swallow:-))

Patsy I take mine with BP tablets and all OK but of course you may be different.
I get melatonin from Vitasunn. priced in sterling, legal to order and possess in the UK. I give it to my dogs, have never noticed any unpleasant smell to either tablets or capsules. Valerian now.....valerian stinks.
Whisky is the best - a lot of these 105 year old grannies swear by it.. "just a drop every night".
I wonder has nailit gone to sleep ?

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I Cant Sleep

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