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queenofmean | 18:16 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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I'm currently on this for pain relief.

I can take 1-2 tablets but I took one at 2.45 but I'm in agony right now can I take another or do I hang fire as best I can for another half hour and take 2 them


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Take two now
I agree - 2 now then wait the 4 hours till the next dose.
I agree with ducksie.
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Thank you ducksie
If you're in agony, Queenie....Take 2 now, as twenty mins isn't going to make a difference and you only had one at 2:45 x
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Thank you all.
Due Naproxen at midnight too so hopefully that will knock this on the head.
Nothing worse than pain, for sake of half hour - get well soon :)
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Thanks ducksie.

Me too this is ridiculous what's going on the fact it's been painful for the last 3 weeks is the worst part. I live in hope it ends soon
Hope it helps to ease the pain, my lovely....and take care. :-)
You're welcome QoM - be kind to yourself
Hope you get some relief Queenie.x
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I'm sure I will Yogi and Ducksie.

I'm at other halfs for his birthday so going to have a shower and curl up with my book - unless the Solpadol sends me to the land of nod! So fingers crossed Mamya x
Q. I hope you're pain is not diabetes related ?
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Thankfully it's not Anne, I haven't got neuropathy - yet. Hope I don't it can be so painful I'm told
Good :-), just checking ..

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