Sebaceous Wart

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chrissa1 | 21:14 Fri 03rd Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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I have a sebaceous wart on the front of my thigh. It has a hard scab, but is not very big. My doctor has prescribed Hydrocortisone Cream to be applied, twice daily.

My question is, how is the cream meant to remove the wart, because it's has a hard scab?

I've been applying it since Monday, and can't see any change.


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I don't think it will because hydrocortisone just removes the inflammation. Could it be a seborreic keratosis?
The cream won't remove it. It's purpose is solely to make the wart less rough and itchy because it's impractical to remove all such warts.

See here:
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That's what I thought, both. It's not itchy or inflamed so I guess I'll just put up with it and keep an eye on it. Thanks.
The front of the theigh is an unusual place to have seborreic keratosis - it is usually on the back
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That's me. Unusual!! :/
Chrissa, once the inflammation has gone, get yourself some Tea Tree Oil and dab it onto the wart a few times a day for as long as it takes. For me it is usually about a month and it disappears totally. Marvellous stuff. Give it a go.
Steroids play no part in the treatment of seborrhoeic warts.
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I'll give the Teatree Oil a try, LB. Thanks.

Thanks, sqad I had my doubts. However, in the first instance I had rung to make a Practice Nurse appt and couldn't get one for two weeks. Then I had a call back from the Practice saying that they felt I should have a phone consultation with a doctor. I booked one for the next day.

She rang me and said could I come in so she could have a look at it. I said I could and when would she like me to come in? She said, "would 4 o'clock do you?"

I couldn't believe it. Then again, I do live in God's own county, Northumberland. :)

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Sebaceous Wart

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