Umbillical Hernia Surgery

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hammerman | 13:47 Mon 16th Jan 2017 | Body & Soul
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Been referred to the local outpatients for the above.

Anyone ever had the op? Think they sew a piece of mesh in to hold it all together.
It'll be a fair few months yet so i need to know what to expect. Never had surgery before and i'm 50. Bit nervous.


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When I had my hernia repair all I remember was talking to an anaesthist and then waking up in a hospital bed ...... all done and being told I could be going home in an hour !
I've had it done.

It's a bit sore when the anaesthetic wears off, pain doesn't last long - nothing to be nervous about, trust me.
' anaesthetist '
I work in Theatre and actually had the op myself a decade ago. Roughly a 30 minute, very simple procedure. I was basically pain free from the minute I woke, they advise no driving for a week.
Best of luck, you'll be fine.
Hi hammerman, I had an umbilical hernia repaired in 2009. I was taken in as an emergency, after the op they explained that usually they put mesh over to stop it happening again but as mine was red & angry due to an infection they couldn't use the mesh. They said the op was successful but as no mesh used it may recur in the future! Last month I had my gall bladder removed & was informed I also have an umbilical hernia- this means I've to go through it again. I was 55 last time & nearly 62 now. You needn't worry as long as you do as they tell you after the op, no lifting, no driving etc. Last time it was 6 weeks recovery. All the best to you I'm sure you'll be fine.
Never had it done.
I would guess that the above posts did not have umbilical hernias but i may be wrong, in any case i agree with their comments.
Mesh is almost always done with umbilical hernias, as without it, the recurrence rates are rates are rather high.
If you have it done by laparoscopy (telescope, minimally invasive) then the recovery is much faster, perhaps just an overnight stay, a little longer with open surgery....both are painless...tender....but painless.
Sorry Sqad but the 2 inch scar above my umbilicus is testament to the fact that I did indeed have an umbilical hernia!
I wonder what the other ones had ?
Femoral hernias OR Inguinal hernias......^^^^
Commonest hernia is the Inguinal hernia.
\\\\\\I wonder what the other ones had ?\\\

anne....once again I was confused by your question, but assumed that was the answer your required or have i once again, missed your point? If so, then what was your point?

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Umbillical Hernia Surgery

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