how many cl in a litre?

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Lisax | 12:36 Fri 14th Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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cl in a litre and how many ml in a litre?


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100/1000. the c stands for centi (as in century), the m for milli (though that makes you think of million, which it isn't)
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so there is 100 cl in a litre??? it doesnt sound right. i have a small bottle of volvic water here and it doesnt look like two of these will make a litre
yes... a litre's not that much, less than two pints in old money. Two 500cl bottles will make a litre.
aaaarrrggghhh - sorry, two 50cl bottles make a litre, or two 500ml bottles.
Thank god the pubs still serve beer in pints...jno's completely baffled me now..(:)
baffled meself there for a moment Vinny... but don't worry, you won't be drinking Volvic any time soon unless Becks takes it over

Just to add to the confusion....

In france, mille means 1000 and cent means 100 - that's always what reminds me!

Wasn't there more answers earlier today? Well I have nothing to say as it has already been answered. But really there is nothing about litres and metres. Ounces pounds, yards, feet and gallons though...  Sorry to say nothing of value Lisa :0)
daft innit, they've been halfway to introducing metrics for more than a generation now and still nobody has the courage to just do it. Plenty of other countries (eg Australia) decided to change over and did it, taking it slowly over a few years; but pretty soon babes in arms, centenarians and village idiots could all think metric. So why does anyone suppose the British are too dumb or scared to cope? (Still, kaktus, they've managed to get rid of rods, poles and perches and other ancient Babylonian measures...)

LOL jno. Some time ago I read an excellent article about the two guys who set out to figure out how long a meter actually was and how much liter is. They didn't care about Louis XIV being beheaded and just took their results to Napoleon after many years of measuring. The article had a little trivia about the British refusing to accept the metric system because it was made by the French :0)

God, I hope not of the Brewerys have been selling water for years..!!(:)think they tap it in straight from the urinals.(:)
how many centilitres are found in a litre?

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how many cl in a litre?

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