Upper Arm Pain

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Dahlia_Lama | 01:25 Wed 28th Dec 2016 | Body & Soul
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I've had this for a few months so I know it's not anything deadly .
It's becoming more painful rather than abating as you'd expect with a muscular pain .
I've been to to the Docs , reluctantly , to have bloods taken to monitor my meds . All well as it happens .
I mentioned to her about this pain , it's much more than an ache , she suggested I slept on the other side . I gave up at this point given I've not bothered a GP for years.
Anyway ... it's in the exact same place and when I press it to compare it with the other arm it's totally different The dodgy arm is really lumpy and the pain goes right down to my hands . The other arm is smooth .
All I can say is it's blooming sore ... I know I'm not having a heart attack but what would cause so much pain rather than an ache ?
I'm baffled and feeling very sore at the moment hence the late post .


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I've also had this kind of pain for a few days again and I know from past experience - mine is indigestion (excess food at Christmas) as I always suffer from acid reflux. Could yours be the same?
Did the GP examine and agree the upper arm is lumpy?
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I wonder Ann ... I do sometime have a dodgy tummy but this is daily and in the exact same spot . It's very sore though , thanks for relying I'll take that on board .
Mayakynnne she didn't . She was a locum and because of my nature to do with ill health I'm sure I played it right down . As I hadn't been for a while (years) I had a tick list , every GPs worst patient really and by the time night to my arm I think she'd lost the I'll to live as I was actually giving her possinpble remedies by this point . My own fault but I have to say my pain threshold is really up there but this is really painful . Back to the Docs I suspect ... don't like .I did fall about the time this flared up ... took a tumble in the garden no landed on the elbow of the arm affected . Thought at the time it was broken ... I actually couldn't move for a long time but got my act together and got back in the house . My arm was very painful for weeks and then it started to change to this pain . Wonder if they're connected ? Maybe I did more damage than I thought when I stumbled ?
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Oh my ... serious apologies for inadvertent typos , I'm embarrassed ! They aren't of my doing but I'll have to own them !!
Don't fret about typos, it could be residual and related to past trauma but if no relief comes along soon go back.

This time be a bit more open about things - hope it gets resolved soon.
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Thanks , I think I will go back and take each issue at a time . This one is currently stopping me sleeping so I'll maybe prioritise this one . I also have to stop thinking my GPs just looking for something to nag me about ! I'm not doing myself any favours at all !
I'll keep you both posted ... thank you .
Yes do keep us posted and you nay get some professional advice here tomorrow so check back.x
Do you take any drugs to help alleviate the pain?
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Sorry tried to sleep but it's just not happening .
I've being spraying Ralgex on and taking ibuprofen but it's not quite cutting the pain. It's localised which is bemusing me . It's not general and it's really painful,and as I've said I can do pain . It's actually easy to pinpoint the pain as that's where it's 'lumpy'
It's a strange one .
I'm not overly worried but I have to say the pain is really bothering me .
Suppose it not an overly biggie but it's bothering me . I will go to my GP reluctantly but any advice or succour is welcome ;)
\\\\.I did fall about the time this flared up ... took a tumble in the garden no landed on the elbow of the arm affected . \\\\

There you go.....the probable answer. When you fell you bled into the muscle and over the weeks the blood clot ( not the dangerous type) had changed in character due to healing and has formed the "lumps " that you are feeling and causing the pain. No big deal, it will settle and i would advice Ibuprofen Gel rubbed into the affected are twice daily.
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Thanks for that explanation Sqad . It certainly would make sense , I hadn't really put two and two together before as it was my elbow I hurt but I did come down heavy on it and the likelihood of an internal injury didn't really enter my head .
I'll get some gel today , hopefully I'll get some respite .
This might sound daft but you haven't by any chance had a 'flu injection in the past few months, have you? My arm has been painful ever since - and having googled the condition, it is apparently very common.
I got a painful arm after taking statins once; I don't know if that might apply to you. (Sqad's diagnosis makes sense, though, so try it first.)

Also - did you try sleeping on the other side?
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I'm back !
Apologies for not checking back .
I haven't had the flu jab Naomi . I had already tried sleeping on the other side but guessed she was was just throwing a solution out there .
Guess what , I'm still in agony . I can't sleep for the pain , it's not an ache it's a pain and I'm not in my bed so it can't be anything to do with my sleeping position .
The pain radiates from my 'bicep' and actually travels down to my finger tips . It's now affecting my shoulder . I have to be careful when I dress.
I know I have to go to my GP but because I never do I feel like I just get everything off my chest at once and I suppose I dilute my symptoms . This is chronic though . I'm despairing with the pain at the moment .
Any exercises I can do ?

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