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whistonian | 14:49 Thu 08th Dec 2016 | Body & Soul
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Doc's put me on these for 5 days.I have read through the package leaflet and there is no mention of alcohol so would it be ok to have a glass of wine or a hot toddy.


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Do you mean Amoxicillin?
You'll be fine, I'm on them too at the moment.
That makes three of us whist! No mention you can't have alcohol, good isn't it! :0)
We'll have a wee tipple and a shake rattle n roll later.

Feel better soon all x
You too mamya!
& whistonian!! Cheers!
Yes, but be sensible.

The only antibiotic that you should never drink on is Metronidazole.

Just be aware that amoxycillin can precipitate diarrhoea and alcohol will further dehydrate you, so keep a large glass of water by the bed, particularly if you have postural hypotension.
Thanks Elina.

Wise words Nom, yes common sense and plenty water too..
At 58, I can't remember the last time I over did anything.
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Yes bookbinder Amoxicillin. Mamya and Elina I raise my glass to you both cheers and get well soon.x
Do you have common sense whist :0? I reckon we're all old enough to know our bodies by now ... Speedy recovery!
I hope you all don't have postural hypotension :-)
I don't.
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whats that then ? postural wotsit !
Murray.......postural hypotension is a fall in BP when standing up. It is usually symptom free but may cause slight dizziness and transient unsteadiness, but is usually a normal biological response to attaining the upright position.
Not sure what it has to do with the OP....but there you go!
Because dehydration can make it worse, Sqadlet ;)

Not sure what Ann's little dig has do do with the OP but it would be uncharacteristic of her not to stalk me in B&S
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