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jamesnan | 22:28 Thu 17th Nov 2016 | Body & Soul
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My daughter had to have an xray on her hip, and when it was finished, the radiographer asked her if she had had any gynaecological ops? When asked why, she replied that there were 2 medical clips in place.

Is this something to be seriously concerned about, is it usual or should she wait and see what happens when the doctor reviews the xray. She has been suffering from gyny problems for several years.

Squad can I have your thoughts on this please, many thanks


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Sqad will see this in the morning but the first thought is these are fallopian tube clips used for sterilisation. Presumably your daughter knows she has had something done in the past that would have left clips inside her?
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She had several gyny ops for a Bartholin cyst, and has been suffering from pudendal neuropathy for several years, never had sterilisation op.
Sorry jamesnan, didn't mean to be presumptuous, I don't know anything about this just heard of people who've had their 'tubes tied'. Hope you get a qualified answer ;-)
Medical clips OR metal clips? I think it would be the latter.
It is certainly odd....and no it is not something to worry about.
I must say that I agree with Prudie that they would most likely be clips for a gynaecological procedure, but i would certainly ask her GP to check her medical notes.

Bottom is no big deal.
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Thank you Sqad, she will wait for the results of the xray and speak to the doctor.

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Sqad, Can I Pick Your Brains Please

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