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fruitsalad | 11:24 Mon 14th Nov 2016 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone take this everyday? I have been prescribed it for arthritis but don't really like to take it all the time, but then have to live with the pain, suppose what I'm getting at is, is it safe to take every day.


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I have been on Naproxen for years , I have to take another tablet to counteract the potential for stomach problems , with no real side effects. I take it for arthritis and can tell a real difference in swollen joints.
If you have been prescribed the medication and it works, use it.
\\\\ is it safe to take every day.\\\\

What dose are we talking about?
I take 1000 mg a day 500mg morning and evening.
donny/frutisalad.......that dose is OK.....don't go above 1500mgms daily.
I do not think Naproxen are good - although the pharmacist say they are akin to Ibrufen. So I am apprehensive of them.
I take Naproxen when Ibuprofe don't work, one doctor mentioned the possible side effects but I've never had any, touch wood.
I am always sceptical of medication that you can buy over the counter - it is not good

Naproxen and Ibrufen - two of them. When I get my bag of medication of repeats at the end of the month my mouth goes gaga - there is no way I am putting that amount of poison into me. Next month repeat will be completely halved.

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