Skin Lightening/bleach-Cream - And Recommendations?

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joko | 00:11 Mon 22nd Aug 2016 | Body & Soul
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i have got 2 brown patches of skin on both my cheek bones - about 2cm x 4cm. not dark brown, more like a cup of tea kind of colour.

they dont bother me really but i have noticed in photos etc that it looks like i have a smudge of something - or that i havent blended blusher properly or something.

so i was thinking of getting some skin bleach - ive looked on ebay - a lot of chinese stuff etc, but i have no idea if any of it works.
they're pretty cheap so thought i would try one or two types just to test it.

so has anyone used anything like this and can recommend a particular brand?
or does anyone know what the main ingredient i need to be looking for so that i get one that works and isnt dangerous etc?

thanks all.


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there is some good advice here
and it looks like it will be a lot cheaper if you can get it on prescription as the good ones cost about £75 a pop. Your doctor will probably tell you this but i would test it on your arm or leg before your face just in case you do react to it.
In the mean time/ and/ or have you thought about using a good concealer on the patches before you do your foundation? shear cover is meant to be really good at hiding birthmarks and redness
Have you spoken to your doc? Facial melasma can have a hormonal basis, best to get that checked before you decide what to do about it
Sorry Jo, but I think you are stuck with them. I have the same problem. In my case it is age (60+). You don't say how old you are.
I wouldn't put anything on my skin that I bought on eBay or the Internet in general.
I tried a cream from one of the high street chemists but it didn't make any difference. Go to one of the big department stores or Boots and have a free make-over and advice as to how best to disguise them. And then forget about them.
I had some similar marks on my neck years ago, apparently caused by sun reaction on the perfume I wore. Bought a product called Fade Out which completely got rid of the marks.
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thanks all

yes i heard about melasma from a friend - i have pcos so will speak to the doc first, though my friend said its more to do with taking the pill - which i dont.

i don't wear foundation and only wear a touch of blusher - but i dont want to be thinking about make-up etc - id rather get them gone itd be easier in the long run.

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Skin Lightening/bleach-Cream - And Recommendations?

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