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Bowlrubbish | 12:28 Sun 05th Jun 2016 | Body & Soul
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Hii...I am in an exclusive lesbian relationship.My partner and I have been dating since 8 months.We end up fighting sometimes.Sometimes she is really mean to me and says stuff like we wont spend our lives together or I dont believe that you love me or I want to be alone but I am not breaking up with you.Its really frustarting to know whats going on in her head.I really love her and I dont want to break up with her.I really need some advice.


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Sama advice as if you were in any other relationship where one person is messing with the other one’s head. Leave. Now. People who love each other don’t do that.
She sounds very insecure..... I don't think I could cope with that sort of behaviour myself but it may be worth her getting some couselling to see if she could understand why she is pushing you away. Only you can decide how much of this you can handle but it might be time for a very serious chat with her about what you both want. Hope it works out for you whatever you decide.
If you want to stay with her then just don't react....people usually say things like that to get a reaction.

8 months is still early days and you're still learning about each other.

I agree with Mally that she sounds insecure.
I agree it suggests she is both insecure and immature, these are exactly the things I used to say to my boyfriends when I was young.
Agree, Prudie, when I was younger I was much more dramatic. Nowadays I just can't be bothered to argue.

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Thank you woofgang and MallyJ for the advice.I somewhere know that she is messing with my head but the problem is that I think I am in denial.She is not a bad person but I feel that the past experiences in her life have made her that mean.For example her ex gf just left her and got married without giving her any closure.She tells me that she is afraid and being committed freaks her out and not to give up on her.I totally understand that part but I really feel confused.I have had a chat with her about our future and she told me that she wants a future with me.She ends up telling me mean things whenever we have fights.For example recently we had a fight regarding a girl who likes her and she had told me that she would tell that girl about our relationship but then I got mad her because she was constantly texting her and we ended up fighting.This is when she said that we are not going to spend our lives together.I thought she is breaking up with me.So when I asked her she said she wants to be alone but doesnt want to break up with me.I am really confused whether this is her anger talking or its her. I really don't know what to do.
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Thank you Prudie and ummmm for your advice.
If she's nice the rest of the time I would guess it's anger talking.

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