Will His Scar Grow?

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meglet | 14:00 Thu 19th May 2016 | Body & Soul
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My baby son had surgery when he was born and has an 8cm scar running from the top to the middle of his chest. My mother in law has told me that, as he grows, it will remain at 8cm and won’t grow with him. So by the time he’s an adult it will very small, relative to his size.

Is that right? I assumed it would grow with him.


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That is true. I had a huge scar on my arm as a baby, also a big birth mark on my chest. Both are tiny now and not noticeable.
I'll have a close look at smallest g'daughter next time I see her. She had heart surgery aged 23 mths. and is now 5. The incision was behind her L. shoulder and I didn't notice it on Saturday (her birthday party) when she was running around in a strappy sun-dress. So my money is with mum-in-law.
My son had OHS when he was six days old and has a scar there.

It does grow with them but fades to such an extent that it is not a real problem. Although he has been lucky and has not had any keloid scaring so it is just a smooth white line. I am sure when he is older it will fade more.

We have always told him what his scar is from and why he had heart surgery and he doesn't even bat an eyelid about it.

In my experience I would not worry about it. I know a girl who has had OhSo and her scar goes from throat down and curves round to her armpit and she wears it with pride.
It is how you bring them up that will determine how they see it.
My scar is still with me, and although I didn't take notes at the time I think it has to have grown. But as mentioned by cassa, they seem to fade so aren't so noticeable.
I had a hernia when I was 6 months old, the car is now 6 inches long. Mum said it was approx an inch when it was done. Of course it grows. I also have a scar on my wrist that I remember doing when I was 8 and that has definitely grown.
it fades as baby gets older
It'll get smaller. Don't worry.
I think mine grew with me
It will remain same size & fade. I have same on my thigh
It may depend on where on the body. I too had a hernia at six months, a result of parental abuse (premature baby food for 6 weeks and not six days, safety pins put through my skin, etc). Like TTT, mine is some 6 inches long and I've always wondered if they ripped out my appendix when in there.

Think we need Squad or LT-Doc's views on this.
I cut my knee badly when I was little and the scar has faded. At the time it was quite long, spreading across my knee.
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The scar itself as faded really well and there is no keyloid scarring at all. It doesn't bother me, just curious really. There are also chest drain scars which are actually dents in the skin so I'm not so sure they'll get much better.
my keyhole has all but disappeared....just a small snick now of the main centre of the gall bladder op, just under an inch long and now far shallower, all the other sites - where?
DTC, is that true? Safety pins through your skin as a baby? Good god!

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Will His Scar Grow?

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