when to start the pill-URGENT PLEASE HELP!

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Happy :-) | 19:00 Sun 02nd Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I started seeing a wonderful guy and recently slept with him.  We ran out of condoms on the first night :-) and had unprotected sex :-(  I got the morning after pill and got myself the cilest pill to take from now on.  I'm a bit confused though.  They said I should start taking it from the first day of my period but I have had bleeding from taking the morning after pill, which they said would happen.  Do they mean that I can start taking it now or do they mean my regualr monthly period?  I slept with him a week ago so if I do a pregnancy test and it is negative, can I start today and wait seven days before having unprotected?  We've both been tested for STI's and as he is in the navy, I hardly get to see him, so would like to start the pill ASAP.  Any advice? xxx


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You need to start taking the pill from the first day of your normal period. However you will need to use protection until that time and during the first month when it will then be established in your system.  If you are uncomfortable talking to your dr, speak to some one at the Family Planning clinic, they will be only to pleased to help you out.  If you find yourself being pregnant, then you can contact the Marie Stoops foundation they are non judgemental and charity funded organisation and are willing to help

you can start taking the pill from any time you want, but you need to use additional protection.  If you read through the leaflet that comes with the Pill, everything should be explained there.

The pill *should* start working within a few days if you take it on the first day of your period, but use a condom just incase for the first week.  The Pill will actually be in your system a few hours after you take it, although it won't be working immediately.  Any questions you can call the NHS health help line, I'm sure it covers sexual health as well as illness etc.  Good luck :)

i agree. you can start taking the pill anytime in your cycle aslong as you are sure you arent pregnant. extra protection should be used for 7 days though to give time for the pills to start to work and put your ovaries to sleep. hope this helps.

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when to start the pill-URGENT PLEASE HELP!

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