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fairycakes69 | 18:09 Tue 08th Mar 2016 | Body & Soul
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I have a skin tag in my inner thigh/bikini line, it's usually ok but it's swollen at the moment, is there any ways to get rid if it other than going to the doctor? Have googled, has anyone had any success with tying dental floss?


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\\ inner thigh/bikini line\\

I thought that is where the bikini disappeared...........never mind.

Yes tying with dental floss might help....but a bit "faffy" and may take a week, but why not go to the GP and have it removed.....10 mins perhaps one stitch.

P.S inner thigh/bikini line ?
I get one repeatedly on my face and I use cotton thread, tied around tag and it falls off. Stays off for about 3/4 years.
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Thanks for your answers.
It's where the seam of my pants rub, on the inside of my leg, will see the doctor.
If it is not too big you can get it zapped via electrolysis.
I had one in my underarm area - I got it burned off at my GP's wart clinic.
I don't think the NHS do them any more but private skin clinics will. You can also get DIY gadgets that put little bands on them though inner thigh is a tricky area as bands can rub off. User Recommendation
Some people use Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) and has worked for some of them. I was reading that you soak wart/ skin tag with a little ball of cotton wool then put a plaster over to secure. Change it daily for a week and it should Peel off. It's worth a try I suppose?
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I'll try the apple cider vinegar for a week and see if that helps, if it's still swollen will try the doctor.
had this myself last year.went to my gp who sent me to a clinic a few weeks later who removed it in a few minutes,didn't hurt and they didn't charge either and it was in the same place as yours so it trouble since.better than flaffing about with dental floss.
I had one on my shoulder for years which used to get caught in the neck seams of T shirts. Snipped it off with scissors and stuck a plaster on it ...completely cured.
I had several removed by my GP, each just a snip with sterile surgical scissors. No anesthetic and no problems.

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