Why Did My Mum Develop Type 2 Diabetes After Losing Weight?

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Jenarry | 01:32 Tue 26th Jan 2016 | Body & Soul
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I've always wondered about this. My mum has had a weight problem since her late 20's . Then in her early 50's -around 10 years ago- she joined a dieting club and lost loads of weight . It was the slimmest I've ever seen her. she looked and felt great but it was short lived unfortunately.
She lost willpower with the diet and stopped her new eating habits and the weight went back on. Around the same time she developed symptoms and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes . I've always wondered if their was a connection to the weight loss after all this time or the change from a healthier diet and then into bad habits again that caused type 2 to develop or whether it was a coincidence.
My mum has joined the same dieting club again and it reminded of the last time. I've heard many times that healthier lifestyle/diet changes can improve type 2 so I wonder if it will go the other way this time?..


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No expert but I suspect the period of high risk earlier had an effect. That losing weight was not enough to prevent it by then ? Good luck with her getting into remission or cure.
Maybe she had gestational diabetes when carrying you (or a sibling)? It affects around 18% of pregnancies and can lead to an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes later on.

Other factors here:
Jennary.....what if ? What if?
Medicine is not an exact science whatever people may like to think.

Why did my brother get lung cancer as he has never smoked?
Why did my uncle get a heart attack when his cholesterol was normal?
Why did Sir Steve Redgrave get type 2 diabetes ?

And so on and so on Jennary.

Who knows what contributed to your mother,s diabetes........take you pick.
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Why Did My Mum Develop Type 2 Diabetes After Losing Weight?

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