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nicola_red | 14:16 Tue 27th Sep 2005 | Body & Soul
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Anyone any thoughts on what might make a good tattoo design for a tribute/remembrance type thing to someone who died?  Not a name or initials.  All ideas welcome...


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A tiny angel crying one single tear.
Do you associate anything in particular with this person? For instance, a SuperFuzzBigMuff guitar pedal for a grunge fan, a lamb for a shepherd etc etc
There is a company that will turn the ashes of a person/pet into a stone/jewel kind of thing. read about it somewhere.
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That's definitely not happening Dom!  There are no ashes...
The date they were born and the date they passed away..If anyone can see the tattoo...they will always ask..and that person will always be remembered.
a little bar of music notes for his/ her favourite song or song that reminds you of them.
Their starsign or their name spelt in japanese ?

i think the dates of their birth and death is a good one, and also the star sign idea is a good one too.

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a star

Did they have a tattoo you could modify for yourself?  Or is there a symbol, or an item, or anything tattoo-friendly that you immediately associate with them?

I have a redesigned (Tracee-original) ankh on the back of my neck for this very reason.

As soon as you see 'the' tattoo, you'll know it's right. Hope you don't have to wait as long as I did to find something perfect :)

A picture of the deceased's face framed in a heart with the Grim Reaper peering down from above. With perhaps 'why oh why cruel world?' in Mongolian letters.

Hi nicola_red, When my father died I had a tattoo of a mauve rose with a very small heart and tear drop done on my shoulder in memory of him. He loved the Blue Moon rose and I thought that as apt.  Hope you find what you feel is right for you.  :-)
You know how most peoples names have a meaning like... Laura is from Laurel Trees & stuff like that.  Maybe you could find out the meaning of the name and have a little thing drawn up? 

Japanese lettering is always good but to remember someone in perticular it seems a little to normal.

Hmm. What about some clouds with some autumnal leaves falling out of it. The clouds represent Heaven and the leaves represent the end of something good but the beginning of a new life.

It isn't that good, its all I could think of.

The picture of the snake eating it tail is called an oroborus and is for eternal life/ regeneration.

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