A Medical Question Daughter Has A Second Sudden Colapased Lung

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lilacben | 16:26 Tue 29th Dec 2015 | Body & Soul
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back in August. The hosptial have been checking on her over the months and they found a polyp she has had an appointment for a MRI liver Hepatobiliary Contrast.... without reason why? Would you know Sqad please.?


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Where is the polyp that they have found?
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Thankyou sqad .. I know the feeling.! ok my daughter said they did her scan on her under the ribs and a polyp was there and since she first had it scanned it hasnt got any smaller or bigger... she does still get a pain in her chest area just under above her chest bone from time to time which the doctor told her was most likely caused through stress. every time that happens she thinks her lung is going to collapse again but there is no breathlessness with it and it eases off.
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I am sure they mentioned something before as well as about it could be gallstones or gallbladder.?
Well, one can have cysts in the liver and although non-malignant, do need "watching." However, liver cysts (polyps) cannot cause "collapsed lungs."

I think that we are dealing with unrelated medical conditions here.
Ah! can have polyps of the gall bladder, again, not malignant but need watching.I think that this is the likely big deal but nothing to do with "collapsed lungs."
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Thankyou sqad ..I did wonder if this was a different issue when they said something about a polyp... so would this liver MRI have anything to do with the gallbladder? Brenda x
lilac....yes, the MRI would show up the whole hepatobiliary tract( Liver and gall bladder).
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Thankyou again... today my daughter was able to speak to her GP about it and he said the scan had picked it up and they just wanted to investigate the polyp or what ever is stopping the flow of blood properly... would that make any more sense to you sqad? x Brenda
Good morning lilac..........assuming the polyp is in the gall bladder, then it may not have anything to do with her symptoms as they are often totally symptomless. However, they may cause, on occasions, abdominal pain..a sort of " colic". I have never known a polyp obstruct blood flow, but anything can happen in the practice of medicine....;-).
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Hi sqad,,,thinking back this is just something they picked up after her her xray she had after her collapsed lung the first time a year before... Someone rechecked her xray and phoned to say she needed to go in again this year just gone..just to get it checked... She had a scan this time and they said it had stayed the same size no bigger or it was ok.. But then she has received this letter to ask her to go for the Liver Hepatobilary contrast... hope that has made it clearer .. Happy New Year Brenda x

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A Medical Question Daughter Has A Second Sudden Colapased Lung

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