Would An Indoor Blow Heater Give You Chest Infection

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dieseldick | 07:48 Sat 19th Dec 2015 | Body & Soul
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i have a chest infection , flem, sore throat, coughing. which has been with me now about 2 weeks, i have been using a ceramic blow heater iinstead of putting the gas on.

could the blow heater be doing this , i have it on in my living room when im staying in.


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You pays your money and you take your may be the cause of your infections and it may not........medical opinion is divided.
Certainly dry air does irritate the lining of the throat making it susceptible to infections, this is particularly seen in the winter when it is cold outside and dry warmed air in the house.

Humidified warm air is better.
Blown warm air helps dust circulate. Every house has dust unless you live in an electonic chip factory.
Dust contains mites, and the faeces of mites could be irritating your chest.
A bit of humidity will help.
I'd suggest you turn it off. It's the warmest December ever. Put a jumper and socks on if you feel cold.
Have you had your results back re your liver and kidneys?
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results back on jan 6
Horrid having to wait
If it has a filter a dirty filter couse carry stuff. However the bug problem with space heaters is that they dry out the air and that drys out mucus membranes that a meant to catch alkergens and bacteria as part of our immune defences. So in an indirect way the heater could have cause your illness by causing your initial defense mechanism to be ineffectual.

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Would An Indoor Blow Heater Give You Chest Infection

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