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hippyhoppy | 17:42 Wed 09th Dec 2015 | Body & Soul
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Are you sitting comfortably.... last week the boyfriend said he had to take his mother out on a 'birthday weekend' so I was dispached home, only to read on Facebook he was in the pub with his mates by 3pm on the Saturday.... I diligently rang him to be informed he was taking his daughter Christmas shopping in Chester on Monday (fair enough), but he would come to see me on Tuesday as we wouldn't have seen each other for nearly two weeks... Facebook remarks galore re eating at a fancy resturant and drinking copious amounts of wine (again.. fair enough)... So rang him yesterday morning and 'oh.. I'm too poorly to travel'.... If you're still awake/reading.. we're meant to be going to Cornwall on a mini break on Monday... So donning my 'petulant child' hat, I sent him a text yesterday and said, 'if you can't be arsed to come here, I don't think I can be arsed to come to you on Sunday'.... Not heard a peep since.. I trust Cornwall is a very dim prospective... (happy birthday Hippy :-( )


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While my initial reaction was "Dump him", ummmm makes a very good case for the defence. We are only hearing one side of the story from a self-confessed stroppy mare. Nevertheless it does sound as though the couple should communicate meaningfully a bit more.

Good luck anyway hippyhoppy.
Communication is the key. Calm communication.
//You ladies should never trust a bloke who puts his Mother and Daughter first//
//I think that's called sarcasm...//
I haven't had a hangover in decades, ummmm. Hate to say it, drink crap or mix it up, the old adage of beer+wine+spirits and you get the hangover. Tempis.
I'm guessing it's a hangover. He might have felt properly ill.

Decade or not, DT, you've had a hangover before, so have I and I've cancelled plans because of it. Hardly crime of the century.

I've ditched plans with my OH in favour of my mates and he's done the same to me. I've also popped into the pub for 'a couple' and not came home until the next day :-) (it is my uncles pub so doesn't count)

I think if hippyhoppy lived with her fella it wouldn't be such a big deal.
Not since 1994, ummmm, and even then, I was totally creased but no hangover...much to the ex's annoyance - as I deserved to be.
Either way, it happens. You only have to look at FB on a Sunday to see how many people are saying the 'never again' thing.
true and true to calm communication. The worrying thing here for hippy being the number of days involved. However, who wants to come down here at this time of year, the weather so full of mizzle and the rest........that is a minor irrelevancy in the context of what has been laid out here.
ummmm is right. You need to sit down and discuss this with him, calmly and without hangovers if possible. It's a matter of telling him what you expect and him telling you what he expects. I'd take a somewhat dim view of my OH dumping me without warning for an afternoon's drinking (and vice versa); ummmm on the other hand is okay with it - and so is Mr ummmm.

We're both right - that is, we've both negotiated this with our other halves and agreed on what's acceptable to both of us as a couple. You need to do the same, and expect more negotiations to follow over the years. You're entitled to tell him how you feel. But don't panic just yet!
If he really was trying to deceive you I find it incomprehensible that he would post it on FB.
Unless he couldn't find the courage to tell her to her face and hoped she'd get the 'I'm having a great time without you' message via FB?
Definately time for Hippy to look elsewhere if he didn't to say face to face it's over + not replying to text
Okay...Saturday with his mates, maybe, but shopping and eating out with his daughter?

jno - I worded that wrong. There would have to be prior warning, we've made plans, something else comes up and we'll do that crazy thing called talking...neither one of us mind changing plans at short notice. Like I said's easy when you live together and can make plans at anytime.

From my point of view what he done on the Saturday - not an issue. What he did on the Monday - not an issue. Tuesday - an issue.

Tony - I don't reply to *** texts either.
sorry, ummmm, I misunderstood; but it makes no difference, the point is you've agreed on how to conduct your relationship and hippyhoppy hasn't yet.

I must admit I'd be mildly miffed if I only found out on FB what a wonderful time my OH was having; but we've been together a while and do tend to notify each other what we're up to, and hh and her boyfriend haven't, so there's still work to be done on buildling the relationship. I wouldn't be dumping anyone just yet.
Have you dumped him yet hippy ???
I heard someone say the other day - if a man wants to see you he will find a way. If he doesn't he will make excuses.
So sorry Hippyhoppy.

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