Do You Think He Fancys Me?

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Dannastar | 10:55 Mon 23rd Nov 2015 | Body & Soul
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This all takes place in my fathers office party. My father's the owner and everyone knows me, well except this new agent named Alex*, he is quite young around 22 and I'm not going to lie, he is very handsome. Anyways I remember seeing him but not thinking anything would happen. But as I was coming forward from the back of the room I see a group of people on one side so I switch to the other side to actually be able to pass because the path was hollow ( as I sort of see someone-him look my way), I can't really tell since my vision isn't perfect, but later as I'm passing on the opposite side (there's a long table with a lot of food on top in-between the paths with no space to pass.) As I am passing by I see in the corner of my something and I turn myself and there he was. He was leaning from the other side of the table towards me and he says "Hi, I'm Alex*"while extending his arm and I really couldn't process anything well at the time I couldn't believe he would be actually talking to me and basically this is how the convo went "Hi, I'm Alex" (him)
"Oh, Hi I'm Anna*"
" So I heard you are James* daughter" -Alex
"Oh yes, I am"
"Are you an agent here?" -Alex
"No I am in highschool"
"Oh really, wow, because you carry yourself, like your much older" -alex
"Oh yeah I guess" (my responses are pretty bad because I was dying on the inside)
"Don't worry though, it's a compliment" -Alex
And then I sort of walked away, I kind of am deeply regretting that but I was nervous. After that though, my fathers secretary saw the whole scene and she asked him what he thought he was doing and he said "nothing I was just talking to her" (he said it with a huge smile on his face, just like the one he had when he was talking to me) then the secretary told him "You do know she's the bosses daughter, right? And you'll have to get through her father, me, and basically everyone first" And he replied with a "So?" (But it wasn't in a bad way according to her.)
I'm sorry that this was long but I had to put it all in detail so I can have an accurate answer. What do you think? Does he fancy me?


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Is this the start of a novel?

He was just being nice, as you are the bosses daughter.

Don't read too much in to it.
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whaa ? I dont think so - you should get out more
What VHG said
Of course he fancies you.

A bloke will survey his new environment and pick out the "likely ones" know, the ones that might give a thrill. It happens in the animal kingdom all the time e.g pride of Lions surveyed by a new male Lion.

Sexual attraction and all that. Give him the "green light" and see what happens.
People who smile and shake your hand across the table are being polite. I think you are trying to read too much into this.
Question Author
No he went out of his way to come and introduce himself/chat with me.
well at least Danna is reading the helpful answeers !
I agree with sqad. He's seeing how the land lies in your workplace. If you like him too, keep flirting and have fun , but don't expect a great relationship with him.
How old are you, Danna?
You were another guest and he had been told you were boss's daughter. He could not ignore you. By the scenario and the exchange described he was hardly going out of his way.
Hi, I'm Justin, he fancies you in bed. Enjoy!

///everyone knows me, well except this new agent named Alex///

\\\So I heard you are James* daughter" -Alex\\\

Seems like he had a good idea who you were!
Yes, he probably does fancy you, and your father's secretary is a jealous ***.
So, female dog is now proscribed !

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