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February | 16:33 Fri 23rd Sep 2005 | Body & Soul
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I have recently developed a floater in my left eye, I have been to my optician and doctor who have checked it and am now awaiting a hospital appointment. Do these floaters go eventually? My optician said it should go, the doctor said they don't. I have started taking Bilberry tablets as I read somewhere that these are good for eyes, anyone had any success with taking Bilberry.



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I get them all the time, they come and go.  It does depend on what has caused them, but it's rarely serious.

Floaters can be caused by thickening of the vitreous fluid (gel) in the eye.  As you get older, it can develop some clumps which, in turn causes shadows to appear on the retina.  These can come an go.  On the other hand, sometimes, during fetal development, cells become trapped in the gel.  Again, as a person grows older, these cells continue to grow and can cause the same sensation as above.  These, however, do not go a way.  Neither is usually very serious, but a sudden increase of floaters can be an indication of a vitreous or retinal detachment. People who are very nearsighted and/or diabetic are particularly prone to floaters and retinal tears. If you suddenly see new floaters, make an appointment with your eye doctor immediately....
I have had 2 floaters in my left eye for the past 6 years. They have not changed shape or size since they first appeared. My opthamologist looked at them and said not to worry unless they change or more appear.

My eyes have several floaters.  The worst thing is that I spend hours trying to swat none existant flies!

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Thanks for your replies.

Robinia - I have been doing this all week, keep thinking there is a fly in my hair, very annoying.

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Floaters in eye

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