Chances Of Skin Cancer Returning

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tamirra | 12:50 Wed 28th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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Hi, my dad has been diagnosed with skin cancer on his back, he has had the 2nd operation to remove more of the skin and some of the muscle in his back and we are now waiting for the results, himself and my mum are worried sick that the results will come back as the cancer has spread, if the prognois is good what is the chances of it or another one returning? Thanks


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its absolutely impossible to say - what kind of cancer was it? had there been infiltration to the muscle? Is there any other spread, any other lesions?
There are several types of skin cancer some much more serious/ virulent than others.You need to know which type it is for any sensible discussion.
While certainly agreeing with the other posters there are some factors at play here that have bearing on the type of skin cancer as well as helping the Doctors with a prognosis. One of the major considerations is the family history. If your father's family doesn't have a history of cancers, that's certainly in his favor as is the answer to the question, did he experience a "blistering" sunburn as a child or adolescent? If one or more such sunburns were experienced it, often, greatly increases the chances of cancer as well as spreading or returning. Additionally, on site says "... having skin lesions known as actinic keratoses can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. These precancerous skin growths typically appear as rough, scaly patches that range in color from brown to dark pink.

Obviously, only your doctor can answer your question(s) with any accuracy...
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Morning, the cancer is Melanoma, there is no cancer in his family as far as im aware, and i dont think he ever got sunburnt as a child as nothing was ever spoken about when he speaks about his childhood.
Good morning tamirra....long time no see.

If the melanoma is completely excised then the cure rate is about simple terms, it is unlikely to come back.

However....if it has spread to the local lymph glands then he will have a 50/50 chance of it coming back.

If it has spread to the lungs or brain for example.....there is a 80% chance that it will come back.

He will have had investigations to identify any spread , before excising the lesion on his back.

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Chances Of Skin Cancer Returning

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