Lord Grantham's Ulcer

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iloveher | 09:19 Mon 19th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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Any medics out there see Downton Abbey last night? Would a burst stomach ulcer really cause projectile bleeding like Lord Grantham's?


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Depends upon what you mean by burst.
An ulcer can perforate and give acute abdominal pain, which is usually from a duodenal ulcer.

However, a gastric ulcer can erode a blood vessel and cause quite a dangerous hemorrhage,with or without projectile features. can.
Pretty spectacular wasn't it. I wondered why, when the adverts finished before the penultimate scene ,the announcer said words to the effect,"We now go back to Downton Abbey where things become disturbing"
I thought Daisy was going to lean too far over the pig pen but
no. We had Lord Grantham sharing around the ketchup for all he was worth at dinner. I though it was a burst Aorta. Something I have to be aware of. :-)
Don't worry retro, most aortic aneurysms NEVER rupture and if they do, that spectacular bleed of Lord Grantham's is extremely uncommon.
Tell that to the Mum in Law that was! About 6-7 years ago I had an aortic by-pass and bi-femoral graft. The Vascular team monitor it regularly with CT scans etc. Last year I was told it (aorta) had expanded by 4 or so centimetres. 3 days later the M-I-L was taken to hospital and her aorta burst as she walked down the ward. oops.
//that spectacular bleed of Lord Grantham's is extremely uncommon.//

Thank goodness for that. Mrs retro would kill me if I messed up the new carpet. :-)

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Lord Grantham's Ulcer

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