Has Anyone Taken A Sleeping Tablet To Use On A Long Flight?

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lilacben | 23:32 Sat 26th Sep 2015 | Body & Soul
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I am thinking of buying something to help me and my husband sleep on a long flight but he needs to drive when we arrive. Has anyone tried anything or knows of anything that is ok.?


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Not advisable for your husband if he's driving.
Jet lag and sleeping pills is not a good mix for driving, forget it!
I agree with the other posters. Anything that can knock you out enough to enable you to sleep on a plane would not be good to drive on. I'd have a couple of drinks early on and try to snooze as much as possible.
Long haul flight? How long? Far East or UsA?

If you are going in the direction in which "jet Lag" will be evident, then driving after the flight will not be a good idea, so can't you book into a hotel for 12 hours or more.

If you are intent on driving then you will need a sedative/sleeping tablet that is short acting and will not exacerbate the "jet lag."'
I would suggest.........NYTAL HERBAL.

why not int an airport hotel for 12-24 hours and take nytal herbal.
I took an antihistamine on a flight to Thailand. It just made me drowsy enough to drop off. I actually slept the whole flight except waking up for food and felt perfectly fine when we landed.
Lots of business class passengers take sleeping pills on flights. I had someone who took 3 the other day. As far as I have ever seen, they are all compos mentis in the morning. I nearly asked the guy what he was taking as I was curious. I would never, ever take one for the simple reason that if there was an emergency, I would like to get out of the aircraft alive and not be left behind because I am practically unconcious.
A word of warning re. sqad's recommendation - Nytol gives me terrible restless leg syndrome leading to an inability to relax at all. Obviously different people have different reactions, but just so you know.
Just make sure your flight is not delayed, after taking one. ( reminds me of a sketch by Lee Evans )
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Thankyou for all replies... I think we best just have a couple of drinks and try and sleep. I get restless legs anyway so wouldnt want to make it worse.
I take them on night flights, I find it hard to sleep in the air at all without them. I've never had any trouble driving afterwards. But that's because I know how long they affect me for and how long the flight is. I'd be a bit wary of taking something for the first time without knowing how much it would affect me.
Standing the problem on it's head, I have friend who has flown many very long distance flights, transatlantic etc. solo in vintage aircraft - Tiger and Leopard Moths - I asked him how did you keep awake and he says, keep hydrated, but eat absolutely nothing. Eating makes you tired and hunger keeps you alert.
So a suggest a very large meal before you take off :0)

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Has Anyone Taken A Sleeping Tablet To Use On A Long Flight?

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