Would It Take 48 Hours For You To Get Food Poisoning Symptoms From Prawns

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gordiescotland1 | 19:07 Thu 24th Sep 2015 | Body & Soul
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2 nights ago (48) hours i went to my parents house for prawns lettuce and a baked potato it was lovely. This afternoon i started having diarrhea (?spelling) it went on for ages and feeling a bit nauseated and shivery. My mum just phoned me to say that her and dad are both being really sick and having diaherra it sounds a lot worse than mine. Mum thinks it was the prawns but I did not think it would take that long for the symptoms to appear. We all had the same thing last night, Sheperds pie they ate it and sent some down to me that was about 6pm last night. Not sure which it is if anything


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Hmm although prawns get the bad press the timing to me suggests it's far more likely the shepherd's pie or even a virus you've passed to each other. I'd be interested in what a medic thinks. You can get a bug from any food, even lettuce!
Clearly it's something you all ate. 48 hours seems a long time, last time I had that problem it hit me in three hours (I have a funny story to tell about that but too long to recount here). Probably the Shepherd's pie. There are some dodgy shepherds doing the rounds.
Not a medic but I'd go down the virus route myself that you've shared between you as families do.
It can take from 4 to 96 hours to be affected.
The results are, watery (occasionally bloody) diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, fever. It can last 2-5 days and the causes are undercooked or raw seafood, such as shellfish. I would see a doctor straight away if you recognise these symptoms.
Salmonella can take a few days to show up - could be anything though.
Those symptoms are exactly like that of the Norovirus - when all surgeries and hospitals tell you stay away.
Sqad will tell us, the rest of us are amateurs.
Sounds like some kind of Gastroenteritis to me. I caught a virus form my baby grandson a few months ago and had the same symptoms. I was admitted into hospital for a couple of days and was put a on drip. They wouldn't give me anything to stop the diaorreah, apparent one shouldn't take anything to stop it, the virus has to get out, but make sure you are very well hydrated, even if it seems to go right through. I empathise, it's dreadful . Mine was finally diagnosed as the dreaded Norovirus, after I had tests done.
Just giving our opinions Jackdaw. I doubt anyone who is not, professes to be a professional.
Certainly either viral or money would go on viral and more specifically Norovirus. A suspect...probably the prawns.

It will settle.
while my husband and I were in Croatia recently, we both ate (not at the same meal) a dish of the well-known Croatian dish Risotto with Cuttlefish Ink. We have had this before (in Venice), but over 30 years ago. About 12 hours after each meal, we had exactly the same diarrhoea symptoms - which kept us off our food for the best part of three days. Will never be eating that again. And we're normally okay with most seafoods ....
The solution to your problem: eat a really hot curry then place quite a few toilet rolls in the freezer!
People do worry about prawns, because there is nothing quite like food poisoning from bad shell fish (experience talking). It took me ages to eat them again.
If its viral, your GP cant do a great deal but advise you to do the basics - Rest, hydrate and take pain killers.
I remember by bout of food poisoning, it was during the night I began to feel "iffy" and about 24 hours later is when it properly hit me - details will be spared!!
Feel better
You would be surprised what can be on lettuce.

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Would It Take 48 Hours For You To Get Food Poisoning Symptoms From Prawns

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