Tanqueray & Tonic For Nerve Damage?

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DTCwordfan | 17:11 Tue 08th Sep 2015 | Body & Soul
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I'm about to launch into a Tanqueray & Tonic, the tonic (or rather the quinine in it) good for restoring nerves, or so I am there any truth to this witch's tale?.

Whatever, it's a good excuse! My first in months and I'm using 0% sugar tonic....


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It's absolutely true, DT. I can vouch for it myself. Settles my nerves a treat And another good tip - have a large one. Does you twice as much good! Enjoy :-)
17:17 Tue 08th Sep 2015
It's absolutely true, DT. I can vouch for it myself. Settles my nerves a treat And another good tip - have a large one. Does you twice as much good!

Enjoy :-)
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I damaged my median nerve in my left shoulder, up against the vertebrae, wrenching a lawn-mower out of mud - this was over 5 weeks ago. Now whilst things are far better, I still get some aching up on the outer humerus and, occasionally, close (but just under) to the neck vertebrae. Hence, this 'medication.'
That's a good excuse, I hope it works x
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well at least it will numb it, perhaps, Psybbs xx
What a load of [email protected]
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rather nice as a change....I do prefer Tanqueray for my G&T, you?
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Now I thought that you would be first to the bar, Sqad!
There is very little quinine, if any, in tonic these days compared with times past. Anyway, the more G&T you drink, the less risk you have of contracting malaria.
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true, jackdaw, should I go for another, or for a nice verre du vin rouge?
Hate to correct you, but it should be un verre DE vin rouge, pas DU. Anyway, to be on the safe side, I would have both. as the old Queen Mother used to say.
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you are right, jackdaw, if I am not being specific to a particular chateau......
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avec le Dubonnet....?
Jackoi - there is only one queen mother ( title was made up as there would otherwise be two Queen Elizabeths at one time - first ever )

Quinine - quite a good heart tonic
and v v good for malaria

so give it a go baby

I quite like the idea of GnT and vin rouge - and hey you can tell which is which as they are colour coded ! stroke of genius
If you had any sense you'd have a pint of Guinness and be done with it.....

Love....Painfree Gness.....x
yeah this is good excuse to rehearse the Dutch merchant story

[ went to I thought Einthoven but apparently Wenkebach ( both famous dutch cardiologists ) - and the doctors said that he was stuck in atrial fibrillation and the merchant said what rubbish evry fule kno how to get rid of it

and came back in regular heart beat later on in the week -
and the dutch doc thoughtfully asked - " how you do vat ven ? " - a sort of crossed estuarial and dutch accent - and the answer was quinine


scrolly scrolly down to History
// avec le Dubonnet....?//

yeah ! remember that advert wizz the Frenchman - one word fella
Mistral or Sully ? Blondel ?

"do 'ave a Dubonnet!"

dunno what it did for sales
Not so, PP. The term, Queen Mother, has been used unofficially to refer to the widowed consort of a king who is the mother of the current sovereign. You are right when you state that the widow of George VI incorporated that into her official title to avoid confusion with her daughter. Whilst alive, the Queen Mother was always referred to in royal circles as Queen Elizabeth, whilst Elizabeth II was simply The Queen.

Interestingly enough, before Queen Alexandra in 1910, you have to go back to 1669 to find the last Queen Mother, Queen Henrietta Marie of France.
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As Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, would have said to Queen Elizabeth, "Bottoms Up!" - Lords was nearly bottoms up when the Queen and Phil came up there for the last Aussie visit, not this year, and they couldn't locate a bottle of Dubonnet, the Queen following her Mater with a partial affinity for the juniper and herby mix.....The Churchill Hotel (Hyatt now) duly obliged with a bottle, but that must be nearly 2 miles from the home of cricket....
be careful if you have tinnitus, quinine makes it worse, though apparently only temporarily.
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nope on that front, jno, but useful advice for some of the ABers looking in here.....

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