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simoneee | 19:49 Mon 19th Sep 2005 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone tell me why the brain is wrinkly?


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Because it's full of cells
Actually, the cortical folding makes the brain more efficient, because it can increase the surface area of the brain and the amount of neurons within it. The folding is called gyrencephalization... the ridges are called gyri, while the depressions are called sulci... By the way, the more complex the animal the more folding is displayed...
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Clanad - I am in no way being facetious but you are a mine of info.Your reply to the person who was afraid of flying was ace as I'm of to the Dam on Thurs and already getting the symtoms.You made me feel better.This is my 3rd flight already this year  - one to go and I can only get through it with a snifter!Went to Cuba last year so its possible to do it - its a mind set.

My sincere apologies to simoneee for temporarily hi-jacking your thread but I didnt think he would see it in the other one and I was really interested myself in why the brain was wrinkly.(Pub Quiz etc :-))  

Well, thanks, Buddy... have a really nice trip!

The lady with whom I trade gardening, cooking and house maintenance for sleeping priveleges tells me (constantly) that I'm a walking compendium of absolutely useless facts...

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the brain

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