Sleep Apnoea Test Ive Got The Equipment

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gordiescotland1 | 17:01 Tue 18th Aug 2015 | Body & Soul
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Hi there I went to the hospital today and I was given my contraption for tonight. It is quite fascinating. I have a probe on my finger, a band attached to my monitor to go on my stomach and one to go on to my chest and a tube to be attached to my nose to monitor my breathing. I am staying up mum and dads tonight to get help to get all this on and I really hope I will sleep !!


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it depends how severe it is, my sister´s husband has had one for about 5 years, and its so noisy they have to sleep in seperate rooms. by the way he wears a mask which i think is attached to an oxygen bottle, i could be wrong regarding the oxygen bottle.
Yes ' the probe on your finger is to measure your oxygen levels and I expect the one on your chest is to measure your respiratory effort. With sleep apnoea generally you obstruct the flow of air into your lungs and your oxygen levels then fall. In primary apnoeas that sometimes occur in premature babies they just stop breathing and then their oxygen levels fall. It will feel rather strange but I'm sure you'll drop off to sleep eventually. Keep off the coffee tonight and don't use the computer or other screen for a couple of hours before you retire, that may help.

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Sleep Apnoea Test Ive Got The Equipment

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