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Hettster | 07:13 Fri 29th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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Is it permissible to have private & NHS detal treatment at the same time?

I went to the dentist yesterday and following examination it was decided I would need to have some teeth removed.

One of which is at the front and extremely loose so I'm conscious of how it will look if it was missing.

I asked about IV sedation due to absolute terror of dental procedure.

I was told that I would have to wait till August for a consultation regarding IV sedation.

The dentist was unable to say how long between( IV) consultation and extraction of teeth.

Yes I should have gone earlier but as I have explained I am absolutely terrified of dental work

Basically I want to know if I were to pay privately for the IV sedation and could any other work be done on the NHS?

I want to speed up the process, (because the front tooth is so very loose) and if I pay for the sedation I would hope that would mean I could have the IV sedation sooner.

I would fund the sedation by means of a loan from credit union.

Thank you in anticipation



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I would have thought so, but your dentist is the expert and could say for sure.
You can have a combination. Talk to your dentist who will work out a contract on the best way to proceed. I would expect the front tooth to be replaced with a white crown to be essential. Not sure whether NHS will cover that. dont expect it to be cheap. Finance could be a prob for you is you are thinking about credit union. Dentist may be able to offer you a loan.
Yes, I do it most of the time, eg, root canal treatment NHS then pay privately to get a good crown rather than having a denture.
Yes definitey. My dentist is NHS but has done a lot of work on me privately. It's always been explained clearly to me so for example I had a root canal treatment followed by a crown. I was charged NHS price for the root canal and private for the crown.
Yes discuss it with your dentist. I feel so sorry for my granddaughter she has a little office job and not aware that she could be eligible for NHS treatment. Her dentist was a private. She has just paid £200 for a tooth removing, which includes an x-ray. She can hardly afford to go again but she needs 2 fillings. If she had been on JSA without a job she could have had it all done for nothing.
Everyone is entitled to an NHS dentist ayg. x-ray, fillings and extractions are all covered by Band B treatment and costs £51.30

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Dental Fees Private & Nhs

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