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Mxfan | 23:45 Thu 28th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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I'm 28 and thinking of getting Braces on my teeth. Does anyone know rough how much it costs for the treatment? I know every case is different and some people may have them on for longer than others.


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can't help you, but (if you're not too short of money) you can get invisible ones these days

Good luck.
My daughter got this via nhs - not exactly invisible but very effective.

I had braces aged 56 - an american system that was really fast and effective, but also expensive. I still wear an invisible retainer at night to maintain the results.
Here is a link to the British Orthodontic Society which is a very useful resource for both clinicians and patients. It has a helpful 'FAQ' section.

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Adult Braces

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