Fear Of Going To The Dentist

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Hettster | 19:13 Wed 27th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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Is there any provision on the NHS for patients who are petrified having dental work done?

A secondary question:
On one occasion I went to a private dentist as I was especially fearful of having to have an injection at the front part of my upper gum. A front crown had broken in half, I explained to the dentist that I was frightened of having an injection into the front part of my gum. The dentist dabbed something onto my gum and then proceeded to do the injection I can honestly say I didn't feel a thing. To this day I don't know what he did or used does anyone know?

Fingers crossed someone will have an answer(s)
thank you in anticipation


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1) i depends onds on your area.
Where i live there is a dental sedation clinic but you can only get it on the NHS if you are exemot from paying NHS charges
2) probably a topical local anaesthetic gel/cream
it is a local anethstetic comes in a gel and used for kiddies usually...they all have it just ask !
sp ^^
I agree with bednobs....

In theory, the options available (in addition to local anaesthesia) are:
1) Oral sedation
2) Inhalational sedation
3) Intravenous sedation.

Your dentist should be able to provide oral sedation, but you may need referral for inhalational or intravenous sedation. Provision may well depend upon your locality.

Again, bednobs is correct that a topical anaesthetic agent was applied before the local anaesthetic was given. Very routine - just ask your dentist for some!
i don't understand how you could possibly agree with that garbage i wrote - i just read it back and realised my terrible spelling/layout errors, sorry!
it's not easy typing when your mouth's numb, bednobs
Why that's? Most people type with their fingers, not their tongue! Lol!
I don't think bednobs has really got a numb mouth, just fat fingers, but I was too polite to say.
Wow I've had lots done in the last year and the injection always kills, he knows it's hurting as I wince and writhe a bit but he's never offered me a topical anaesthetic :-(
writhing won't help, prudie; you need to hold still. But ask for it, most dentists seem to have it. Mine thinks it's just a placebo, but I've told him I think it makes a noticeable difference.
Neither has mine, Prudie. Gawd those injections in the gum sting.
it's the ones in the roof of the mouth that hurt.
They all hurt imo, jno.
Well it's not helping Hettster but yep they all hurt.
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My dentist allows me to wear very loud headphones.
If my eyes are open he uses hand signals and if they're clamped shut in fear he taps my hand with his finger.
You're not the only one you know. Your dentist will understand.
Tell them and they will work with you to help you.
I didn't cry last time I went and I was very proud of myself.

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Fear Of Going To The Dentist

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