Facing My Fear Tomorrow Any Tips?

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gordiescotland1 | 19:34 Mon 18th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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Evelyn Roosevelt said to do something every day you are afraid of. I am getting a train from Edinburgh to Lancaster tomorrow night I booked it ages ago travelling first class and staying in a nice cheap hotel. It is a long time since I have been on a train but I need to do a practice run as I'm going to Manchester in June for my nephews first communion and I'm sick of missing out on things any tips on how to relax on the journey there and back staying 1 night then coming back the next evening. I'm taking my tablet with me as well as diazepam !!


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Take an interesting book with you, if you get absorbed in the book you'll forget that your on a train.
What are you actually afraid of, gordie? The journey, the hotel? Being away from home? Someone talking to you?

What's the fear?
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If you have access to a portable music player and headphones for the journey, that will isolate you from other passengers' noise although First Class is usually very quiet and civilised. The seats are more comfy, and the soundproofing is superior as well.

If you can, take a portable DVD player with you, and some fave movies for your evening in the hotel – if not, find a cinema near by.

All will be fine – best of luck!
Who will be caring for your little furry friend?

I wish you well, like you I am sometimes overwhelmed by anxiety. I feel that my brain is a constant war zone.

Enjoy your trip.
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Mum and dad are looking after her I know what you mean about the mind being like a war zone I'm just a bit scared of the train getting stuck somewhere and I am a bit claustrophobic I imagine all sorts of things that never happen I went to Edinburgh 2 weeks ago and imagined being stuck in a traffic jam never slept all night and it was such a waste of time the journey was fine worry it seems is a waste of time and it spoils my life so I'm trying to try and get over this.
Hi gordiescotland

In addition to what's been suggested already, maybe you do crossword puzzles or sudoku so some mags on that will pass some time. You'll conquer your fear, I know you will
I wish you a lovely trip, try not worry, and enjoy yourself when you're up there. xx
A train?

Take a bottle of wine for the journey?

And a tumbler, coz it won't fall over.

The safest thing is a stack of cardboard cups. Then you can offer a glass to the people sitting with you.
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Not worried about the hotel at all or being away the journey is the biggest source of worry
Good for you. You may understand when I write that today I had to visit the optician's for an eye test. Sounds simple doesn't it? But I HATE eye tests ( I always fail :( ) and I was concerned that the visual blurriness presaged glaucoma - my dad had it, so I am liable.

I am now high as a kite! My glasses didn't work because my vision has improved - yes, you read it here - improved! General inspection shows that all is well with the nerves etc. and I was told that I had very healthy eyes (go back for a final check on pressure on Wed.).

I think that my point is that you have to face your fears. They will arrive anyway and you may as well be prepared for them. Each time you do it the frear grows less. Hope this helps :o)
What are you actually afraid of? What do you fear will happen to you on the train?
^^^^ I also echo JJ's advice about the wine and a plastic cup - don't forget the corkscrew, or buy a screw-top bottle. You'll be fine - and much more confident!
I think the suggestion of a portable music player is a good one. Get on the train, find your comfortable seat, pop in your earphones and close your eyes.
Before you know it, you will be in Lancaster.
If you are travelling First Class with Virgin, they will supply the wine.
You're being very brave gordie, you'll be fine, good luck xxx
A crossword and a book will help to pass the time.
Striking up a conversation or two will distract you too.
Think about the nice time you will have when you get there.
Enjoy your trip!
Naomi....Nailit is travelling 1st class so he is probably worried about his fellow passengers being Tories. ;-)
If you can take things that stop you spending time in your head will help. I have noticed that when I am distracted by things the stupid mind games disappear and my anxiety is reduced. Have you tried EFT as this worked extremely well for me but I am a stupid ass and instead of leaving well alone I went turning up stones that were best left alone.
Sorry Georgie not Nailit.
Will displacement activities help to overcome the fear?

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Facing My Fear Tomorrow Any Tips?

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