Difference Of Opinion Re Blood Pressure

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ruthandsam | 20:09 Mon 18th May 2015 | Body & Soul
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Had eye test and optician advised me to make appointment with GP as I have blood vessels at back of eye which are broken/bleeding. Also, vessel was thickened and kinked significantly compared to last eye test. He said this would be due to high blood pressure.

Every time ive had my blood pressure taken it has been in normal range and today's reading at GP surgery was 108/70. Also, cholesterol level was fine and I don't have diabetes.

I'm confused at difference of opinion/result. Can anyone explain please?


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Yes, I am also confused and feel thatvO cannot help here.
Your optician is describing retinopathy, the commonest cause is well established hypertension (high BP)

Diabetes is also a common cause......but you haven't got it.

Interesting conversation with your GP the result of which Inwill be interested to hear.
Have you had a blood test to rule out diabetes?
I have on idea why the difference but the optician is not a doctor. If they observe a deviation from the norm when they examine your eyes then they have to report it to you and advise that you see your doctor. Have you actually now seen the doctor or did you just get a bP check?

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Difference Of Opinion Re Blood Pressure

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