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I_Tried | 09:46 Thu 08th Sep 2005 | Body & Soul
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Is the UK really a promiscuous society, and does everything really revolve around sex and how important is sex in the overall scheme of things?


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1) Is the UK really a promiscuous society?

Compared to what? In any case, "the UK" does not have a single profile of sexual behaviour. Some people are entirely monogamous, others are very much the other way. Moreover, urban dwellers will tend to have a different profile than country dwellers etc.

2) does everything really revolve around sex?

No, but sexual orientation and sex drive do undoubtably colour how individuals behave. Don't forget that the genders have their sexual peaks at different ages (19 for men, 30 for women) and the sexual urge is typically very much reduced once one gets into late middle age.

3) how important is sex in the overall scheme of things?

It will depend on the individual. Some people are highly sexed, some are low and most are in the middle somewhere. On a more general level, sex is important for the propogation of the species!

yes....yes.......oh yesssss!!!!
not where I live!
Very important. The first thing I think about when i meet a girl is how long will it take till I get get her into bed. Im a very much 'once a day' man. Anybody else the same?

It's not necessarily the same throughout the UK. We English appear to be sex mad if TV is anything to go by. The Scots are as interested in sex as anyone but they don't make a big thing about it (as far as I can tell). They just get on with it without going on about it. It is us English who make programmes like Ibiza Uncovered and Something For The Weekend. Not to mention some of our adverts.

The Scandinavians have always had a more liberal view of sex, long before us, but they see it as something natural and beautiful. We English, it seems,  prefer sex to be seen as something naughty and raunchy. England is doomed the day we start to see it as something natural and innocent.  :-)

Purely my own opinion, no science here...

I've never thought of the UK as promiscuous, even in the 60s. We're a pretty average country still living with the legacy of Queen Victoria, plus the influence of the Catholic church who both teach sex is filthy. With an opposition like that to overcome, we're unlikely ever to become as liberated as some mythical places such as Scandinavia (probably all rubbish about them as well) and have a few ravers at one end and celibates at the other, but mostly average.

But how important is sex? Comes just after breathing for me...

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