4 Days In On A Very Low Carbohydrate Diet.

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DTCwordfan | 20:13 Wed 11th Feb 2015 | Body & Soul
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Wow - what effects this has. Suggested by the quack to get weight off me quickly with the benefits of, hopefully, no blood pressure pills, reduced risk of gout and Diabetes 2. I wasn't there on DB2 and my blood was okay, however, as he said, there was a risk.

As near zero as I can get for three weeks, then I can bring it up by 5g a week, the idea to create ketogenesis in the body to convert fat into energy.

Side effects, incredibly fatigued after about 9pm, and I won't go into the side effects down under but for one, a lot more peeing. My own guestimate is that some two to three pounds are off me already. Can feel it on my rear and belt.

The diet, protein and lots of veg and fruit, tonight lamb chops pan roasted with a little garlic and chilli, roasted cauli, beet and chicory, some french beans steamed. A green apple later. Cheese omlette this morning and an apple.....

Any good (unusual) recipes for no carbs?

Your experiences?


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Some people get "carb flu" and can feel quite ill and headachey...and fatigued. It's just the body adjusting.
Humber that is what the practice nurse said to me about dieting. No fads just eat less processed food, eat only brown wholemeal, plenty of fruit and veg,the main thing is portion size for me. I could kill for a pork pie haven't had one for four weeks now.
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Not at all sloopy, and, yes, when it comes to gall bladders etc, I agree with you. However, better this than diabetes 2 and also I want to get off the Rampiril asap....three weeks, maybe four, like this and then starting to move to what you advocate, less carbs in the intake though but not as aggressive as now.
ayg, have a slivver of pork pie then, just don't trough the lot x

we're omnivores fer gawds sake, the only two groups on the planet with seriously restricted dietary options are the Innuit and the Masai - and nobody's currently making a fortune suggesting wholesale cattle rustling and drinking milk and blood in the supermarket carpark are they??
If they are, Mumsnet'll be on it like a rash
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well I am beginning to sense that 'up the stairs' beckons......

Night all and thanks.
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well no more from me, the need for sleep is catching up...Night all, enjoy the repast, gness, glass of wine from me.....x
I gave up wheat for a month and lost a stone. I was VERY surprised. I'd heard about this happening but to be honest , I didn't believe it. Sounded too good to be true.... but it did work - and SO quickly.! Mind you, at the end of the month , I was climbing the walls and craving bread.
bit confused as some of the things you have mentioned eating, and others have mentioned, are not exactly lo-carb - is it working?
There are few Carbohydrate low problem so you should follow precautions like Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Use natural and herbal medicine.
Eating Too Many Carbs
Eating Too Much Protein
Being Afraid of Eating Fat
Not Replenishing Sodium
Not Being Patient
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4 Days In On A Very Low Carbohydrate Diet.

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