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theshedman | 09:57 Sat 24th Jan 2015 | Body & Soul
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Hi, as you both know I had a Dacryocystorhinostomy operation last year. Just thought I would let you know that it hasn't worked. Thought it had at first but now it has gone back to the same as it was before and is watering all the time. Been back to see specialist and we decided not to have the other one done. The one I saw this time seems to think it is not the actual tear duct that is the problem as this is now clear but is the little lump in the very corner of the eye which he said was like some kind of pump and this is the bit that is not working properly. He said there is nothing they can do for this so it looks like I am going to be crying for a long time. Hope your eye is still fine Maydup.


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I am sorry that your DCR has failed.

I imagine that your stent has been removed, months ago.

I would not give up on my operated eye and would seek a second opinion privately if you can afford it. It may well be that a larger hole could be cut into the bone or that granulation tissue could be removed. This little "lump"....could it be granulation tissue.

If you have discussed these options in full with your Ophthalmic surgeon, then ignore my comments.
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Hi, Sqad thanks for the answer. It is the lacrimal pump he says is not working properly so does not drain the tears properly. He did a few tests on it before coming to that decision and said that there is a good chance that the problem will be the same on the other side. The new duct is working fine and yes they did take out the stent quite a while ago. It's just as he says the pump bit isn't taking the tears away as it should. He has kept me on file though in case I change my mind in the next twelve months and decide to have the other one done. Hope Maydup's is still working well.
Hi shedman, good to hear from you but sorry things haven't been as successful as we'd hoped.

I had 6 months of success and went for a check up and to be signed off in December. The surgeon was happy and just did a probe to make sure all was clear and sent me on my way. With strict instructions to some back if I ever had any watering as it would only ever npbe temporary and he could clear it agan.

To be honest, after that probe I started to have occasional watering again. Especialy over New Year when I was our and about at the coast in cold weather. Rather than rush back I put it off and have not experienced is as bad as that since. I may well have had a mild cold and a severe case of the sniffs! I haven't walked in the cold wind or spend much time ouside these past few weeks and am happy that I can work, read, cook and generally function indoors OK with no watering I might live with what I have now.

Luckily my second eye is 75% OK too after having stents again for a few months and unless things change again for the worse, i will not have a DCR on that one.

What a decision you have about the other eye, unless the pump is working OK it doesn't seem worth having it does it.

I have no idea where you are Shedman, but in case you want a second opinion and a private appointment this is my man! I was lucky enough to see him under the NHS but he is first class and worth a single appointment if you can get to him in London or Norwich.
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Hi, Maydup. Thanks for letting me know how you are getting on. Seems like it has worked quite well for you. I decided not to have the other one done yet unless I find it really hard to put up with, then I may try it. He seems to think that the pump may well not be working right in the other eye so does not seem worth going through it unless it becomes too bad. I live by the coast in Devon so a long way to go to see your bloke.
Well I am sorry there is no more they can do for you shedman and understand how it is for you. Keep out of the wind and when you can't avoid it, wear some nice wide wrap around sunglasses whatever the season. All the best.

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Fao Maydup And Sqad

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