What Is Wrong Here ? Hip And Joint Pain !!

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dieseldick | 21:17 Fri 23rd Jan 2015 | Body & Soul
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having pain about this last year or so, in my hip section , no where else, its a dull pulsating pain going through my hips mostly when i am lying down on my side, where exactly it is is when i put my hands down by my side and squeeze both fingers into side of my hips where upper leg meets hip bone it hurts. been to docs twice , have asked on here allready before. it is really doing my head in. doctor told me nothing wrong , doctor had my bloods checked for arthritis etc ( nothing wrong ) .........but you know when your body is telling you something right ? sometimes i even get joint pain in shoulders, my hips are especially sore after a long walk or after carrying say a suitcase for 10 minutes......what could it be if my bloods are ok ? i am drinking a lot and not eating a lot, guess my body needs calcium thats something i dont intake ,like milk etc . i drink a lot of coffee, i do not drink a lot of water, i do drink a lot of beer , and i do not eat too much. any one in similar position ?


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We are not doctors. Go back and say that you're still having problems.
Sounds like arthritis to me, I've had a hip replacement.
No, we're not doctors. The pain after pressure suggests muscle problem, it's where your tendons hold everything together. It could be trapping your sciatic nerve (and I know how that hurts) it really is one for your doc. S/he should refer you if not confident. If negative for arthritis, lucky you!
Sounds like arthritis to me ,the osteo type. Blood tests will rule in or out rheumatoid arthritis.
You need an Xray or bone scan to determine osteoarthritis. Then again it could be fybromyalgia which is difficult to diagnose .
Knock off the alcohol and coffee and eat properly:)
Pain, pulsating in nature, both hips and sometimes shoulders, seen by GP and blood tests for, I presume, many factors, have come back normal.

Nothing obvious springs to mind and certainly nothing life threatening.

My advice....take Ibuprofen for the pain, when necessary and monitor the situation for the next 2 weeks.
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squad , pain been there for a year on and off. and DSJ if you havent expirienced anything similar then stop giving stupid replies i know your not doctors i wanted advice from anyone who had suffered similar you dummy.
Well, as shaneystar has suggested it may well be osteo-arthritis, but that would mean BOTH hips affected and a pulsating pain is hardly the pain one would describe with OA of the hip.

You could ask for X-rays of both hips, but don't be disappointed if they do not provide an answer.

My advice remains the same.
Did you ever break your leg? I did when 12 years of age and, when 72 it was discovered the leg I had broken was three eighths of an inch shorter than the other, when I was suffering similar pains. Although to be fair three years later I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy and the pains continue!
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i have never broken my legs or anything, hardly had a broken bone in my entire life apart from my nose many times and finger from boxing. i used to do a lot of running maybe this could be it. is there any over the counter remedies we can buy for our bones or steroids or anything .
agree sqad who is I think ( a doctor )

this is not typical or even evocative of osteo arthritis
[ having just had a total hip on Thursday ]

which is groin and buttock pain
worse in the mornings
worse on exercise, doesn't pulsate
relieved by ibuprofen
when it is bad you get night pain which keeps you awake
and you cant lie on the affected side

so follow sqad....

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What Is Wrong Here ? Hip And Joint Pain !!

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