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Barsel | 14:16 Thu 22nd Jan 2015 | Body & Soul
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On Dec 5th last year I had a cataract op on my right eye. No probs except when I went for post op check I was told I would need laser treatment in a few months time although no explanation why.
Yesterday I had left eye done and this was a different surgeon with a different technique. I heard him say during the op that I have a 'deep chamber' and that I would need laser on this eye also, although he didn't speak to me personally and when I asked if I could speak to him after my op I was told he was with another patient.
I won't go into detail about this op in case others might see this who are waiting for this op as I don't want to put them off. All I will say is is could be luck of the draw which surgeon you get.First one was fine second one not.
The question I would like to ask is, have any of you had laser treatment after having cataract op and what does it feel like? Do you have to have injections in your eye, is it painful, why did you need it and anything else you can tell me about it please?
Many thanks.


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Hi Barsel; Yes Cataract operations on both eyes and yes required laser treatment on both approx 9 months after initial operation. The 'lens' clouded over in both eyes hence the need for laser treatment. Both completely successful. The laser treatment was completely painless and no need for 'injection in the eye'. You (I) only experience a bright light in your eye and I repeat, no pain. Hope this helps.
You can read about it here:

It's quite common with few reported after effects.

Additionally, cataract surgery removes the existing lens which has become clouded... it's replaced with a new lens that the Opthamologist has selected as to give you the best sight post op. Some times the finished product does not provide optimal acuity and the doctor would then suggest laser (lasix, here in the U.S.) surgery to correct the curvature of the eye, having nothing to do with the original removal of the clouded lens. The patient can accept or decline that offer and usually, according to my Opthamologist, the difference between the post op acuity and that achieved by further corrective laser surgery is fairly minimal...
Hi again Barsel, to be more precise, the need for laser treatment post operatively is caused by Posterior Capsule Opacification which causes the vision to become cloudy. The procedure is painless and (in my case) the outcome was dramatic in terms of improved vision.
I have had both my eyes lasered after cataract treatment.
It took place in the doctor's office.
Takes about a minute or so, and is completely painless.
No injections needed. Just heard a series of clicks from laser machine.
A doddle!
Question Author
Thanks for your answers. I did hear someone mention the word capsule penelope and I'm pleased that it won't be painful. I'm surprised you could have it done at your doctors office Pete as I've been told I have to go to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. A little about it below.

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is one of the largest eye teaching hospitals in Europe. Globally acknowledged as a centre of excellence, the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is renowned for its work in all aspects of ophthalmology, including outpatient care, surgery and education.
The new Hospital contains 24 examination rooms, five laser treatment rooms and two ultrasound rooms.
A bit different from the doctors office :-).
One question I need to ask in 4 weeks when I go for my post op exam is will I have to wait for the laser treatment before I go for my new glasses so I can drive again.
Thanks again for all your help x
Barsel, sorry for not making myself clearer.
My YAG laser treatment was done in the doctor's office in the Eye Department at my local teaching hospital.
I went in, in my street clothes, sat opposite the laser machine and the doctor did the treatment. I was in his office less than five minutes.
That is how simple it is.
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Oh I see Pete, I thought you meant you could just go to your doctors to get it done :-) x
No, Barsel, just explaining that there is no need to go to an operating theatre, unlike the cataract operations.
It is very simple, and my vision improved immediately.
No injections, just drops to dilate the pupils, a few clicks on the Yag laser machine and off home!

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