Food Allergy?

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MissCommando | 11:02 Thu 15th Jan 2015 | Body & Soul
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Does this sound like a food allergy? Bright red, hot painful legs (thighs mainly) about an hour after eating food? My daughter had a dressing on salad the other day and we think it caused this reaction. I gave her Piriton and it seemed to work. When I have read up about food allergies, it mentions hive like rashes. My daughter's rash was under the skin and was just very red.

Thank you


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When i reacted to penicillin, I just swelled up and went red all over. There was no rash as such. I was lucky, it was more than 40 years ago and penecillin reaction wasn't heard of much, because my glands were swollen and I felt so poo, my mother thought it was glandular fever or mumps and took me down to the doc (it was wait to be seen then, no appointments) and it was the doc who diagnosed an allergy and told me NEVER to have penecillin again as the next time could kill me.
Yes........that is very suspicious of a food allergy.

Was it a fish salad ...crab, prawn?
Why just the legs rather than all over ?
Sorry idea.

Shingles, contact dermatitis, slapped face syndrome are all easy to explain, but not allergies.
[shrug] ah well thanks.
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Yes, it was just the legs - the thighs and then it did spread slightly to the lower legs but not as red. We had caesar salad at home - so we think it could have been the anchovies in the dressing. Scared to give her any type of fish now, she's almost 8 and has never been allergic to anything before. I've read that anchovies are in worcester sauce and bbq sauce too so going to avoid them.

Woofgang, that must have been scary. They do say the second exposure to something can be much worse.

Thanks for replies.
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I wondered why it was just on the legs too. My nan is allergic to seafood and comes out in a rash on her face and chest. My niece has been sick when she's had any type of fish so strange there are 3 in the family.

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