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Greedyfly | 20:07 Mon 29th Dec 2014 | Body & Soul
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Hello Sqad and those in the know

I think I have chilblains on my toe. I broke the very same toe a few months back and in the last few days it's been absolute agony. I assumed I had knocked it in my sleep or similar.

After some googling it would appear I have chilblains instead.
It's very hot, red, itchy and very painful. I also have Reynauds which probably doesn't help.

This is something I have not suffered with before but the pain is ridiculous (I suffer with pain daily for other reasons and this is a whole new level).

I don't have any blisters but it is very hot red and itchy. How do I know if it's infected? What can I do beside keeping my feet warm and no extreme temps.

Thanks for your help



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IF Chilblains, then you do know an old home remedy was to soak the toe in warm urine, or apply same on a gauze dressing.

I agree the itching is the worst or was for me.
You need to keep warm , can you not wear soft woollen socks? i used to wear my school football socks in bed it helped a bit but I still suffered. This was back in the 1950s no insulation no heating ( apart from the coal fire) no double glazing. The rooms were often below freezing. I thought chilblains were a thing of the past. They are a mild form of frost bite.
if chilblains, try aloe vera

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For Sqad - Chilblains

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