Endoscopy -Anyone Had This Procedure Done?

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wiltsman | 18:33 Thu 20th Nov 2014 | Body & Soul
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As I seem to have a reflux problem, I've now been given an appointment to have an Endoscopy.

Is there anyone on here that has had this procedure? How did you get on with it?

Thank you.


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Wiltsman, i've got an appointment for the 12th Dec to have a gastroscopy done, really not looking forward to it, but hope it gets to the bottom of my H. Pylori and reflux problems.

By the way, I'm absolutely having the sedation.
I had one a few years ago, without sedation. Just concentrated on my breathing and had no problem at all. It really doesn't take long and I got to see the colour images straight away. On the plus side I was able to leave the hospital immediately and drive home :) If you are worried about the procedure just have the sedation, it really is no big deal.
make life easier for yourself and take the sedation.

my friend had to have it a cuppla months ago without it because she has heart trouble and it is not pleasant cos you gag.
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Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply - even the flippant ones! No offence taken.

Overall, it looks as though I'll take the sedation route.
I have had three in the last year. First and last one were fine and cant remember a thing about them. The second one was awful. Each time I was given both the throat spray and the sedation . I did post on here after the second one and it was concluded that the second sedation hadn't been administered correctly.
It really is not that unpleasant without the sedation so you will sail through it. I hope the results are good for you and the reflux is soon sorted.
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Thank you all.
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methly is right, however instead of saying that, try and say "So what if I'm having Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy" by the time you manage to pronounce that word you'll already be back and home drink a cup of the finest tea.

I had sedation but it might as well of been a syringe full of saline.
Both my husband and myself have had one without sedation. No problem at all, but it makes sense to have the sedation if you're at all worried.
Had one to find a small hiatus hernia. Had no sedation and didn't feel the need for it. The guy was thorough went on to do a few biopsies. There was a nice nurse to hold my hand and it was no bother. If you dont have sedation you can drive home straight after the endoscopy.
Chickened out of mine. That said, I did OK with a camera in the penis....can't understand why.
I also was given the sedation option and didn't have it. This was a mistake; I hated it and had to ask them to take it out. (They were cross.) Go for the sedation.
For what it's worth, had one recently entering through my nostril. Gagged a few times but only temporarily. Aside from that felt nothing.
Hi, I had a camera down the throat two days ago and was looked after very well by the nurses,
Everything is explained to you before it happens.
I put on the form that I wanted sedation as I understand that the tube makes you gag a lot when being inserted.
The nurse then explained that they spray your throat first to numb it and then give the injection to make you feel relaxed and a bit woozy.
However, I remember removing my dentures, getting the spray, the injection and seeing the large TV screen at the side of the bed and then nothing until I came round. They'd even replaced my dentures,
I was then given tea and toast and had to wait a short while until I was collected by my daughter with whom I had to stay with for 24 hours.
If the injection is a standard dose then I assume it won't affect a large person like it does a small person. I'm smaller that the average person so consequently it knocked me out completely for which I was very grateful.
I know how worrying this procedure can be so I hope this helps you.
I was offered one immediately with no sedation, or one in 6 weeks time with sedation. I chose the one without sedation and it was horrible- sorry. My advice is to always get sedation if you can! I was basically lying on my side as they put a camera on a tube down my nose, which I had to swallow into my stomach. They found a small hiatus hernia. I was retching and thrashing around. When they pulled it back out I told the nurses that it was most horrible procedure I've ever had done! They looked a bit hurt! But it really was brutal. If I had had sedation at least I would have been dopey and not so distressed by it. Yours might be a whole lot better than mine was, mind!
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Thanks again for all your contributions. I think I'll go for the sedation route after reading all your entries.
It wasn't nice. Try to get a general anaesthetic.
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UPDATE: I had my Gastroscopy done yesterday. I opted for the sedation route. I was told I would feel the tube as it went down, but in reality, as soon as the mouth guard was inserted into my mouth - that was the last thing I remember. When I came round I thought I was still waiting for the procedure, I couldn't believe it was all over. I had no pain, not even a sore throat!

I was informed that I had a slight hiatus hernia, no other nasties were found, so overall I feel very relieved. I was told to take smaller mouthfuls!

Thank you again for all your replies about your experience of this procedure.

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