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Bazile | 17:41 Sun 26th Oct 2014 | Body & Soul
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Small whitish circular bump, about 2mm in diameter , on top of tongue ,near the front.

Any ideas what it might be ?


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Could be just a mouth ulcer. Try putting some tincture on it like 'Frador'. It might sting, but it works.
...Or some adult teething gel...if you've got any.
As Cupid says Bazile, especially if the thing stings?
Almost certainly a benign papilloma from your description.
No big will go probably after bursting.
It should be painless.
I wouldn't put anything on it.
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One side of it can be lifted up ( like it's on a hinge ) showing the cavity on the tongue where it lies ( if you follow what i mean .
I do see what you mean..............and as a papiloma, the this will happen, the white bit peeling off and the bare area healing within a week.
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Thanks sqad ( cupid/flump ).

Sqad - i see that you were on weekend duty - unsual for you consultants - isn't it ? :-)

Retired now BUT.....

When i was in NHS my juniors took over the weekend.

When I was part-time NHS/Private..........i shared the weekends.

When i was full time private ............I was available every weekend.

See my point?...;-)
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Indeed yes - you stuffed the coffers full - and your'e now emptying the coffers at a leisurely pace on a beach in spain - in one hand a glass of sangria and in the other , a lighted , His Majesty's Reserve :-)

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