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Daffy6543 | 13:07 Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Body & Soul
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My son started on the above drug about 10 days ago for severe acne, he's on 70 mg daily and is suffering terribly from some of the physical side effects.

We are dealing with the aches and pains with ibuprofen.
His skin has started to flake very badly on his scalp, lips and face, we bought some scalp moisturising E45 shampoo for his scalp and Carmex lip balm for the lips, but are at a loss as to what we can use on his face.
It has to be very gentle as even before the drugs he had sensitive skin.

Can any of you give advice on what would be the best, non-perfumed moisturiser for sensitive skin please?

Many thanks


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Diprobase, E45, Doublebase and wash with aqueous cream.
Question Author
Sudocrem is a bit harsh unfortunately janbee. Thanks for your answer though.

Which of those would you personally recommend pixie if you had to choose? and are they all available over the counter?
They are. I'd probably try diprobase first.
Question Author
Ok, thanks, we'll get some and give that a go. Our poor lad has gone from being a fit, sporty lad (albeit very spotty) to shuffling around like an old man with dandruff and flaking skin. :(
Our lad had the same treatment, thankfully without such severe side effects, Daffy.
When the course is finished it'll all have been worth it,
Best wishes.
Daffy, go to Holland and Barrat and try their Manuka honey range ( they do rescue cream, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap). My mum suffers from palmer plantar psoriasis and she was on all sorts of horrible drugs and treatments for it with lots of open wounds on her hands and feet and she uses this and it's very very gentle and has sorted everything out. Hope he feel better soon xxx
Vaseline. micro for a few seconds to make it liquid.
i too have heard of the wonders of Manuka - give that a go Daffy.

Sorry to hear of the poor lad - he must be so miserable.
Question Author
Thanks everyone. We'll have a look at the manuka option if the other stuff i've ordered doesn't work.
He's going to be on the medication for 4-6 months so hopefully after the initial weeks all the side effects will lessen, although after reading online that may or may not happen :-/ Some folks suffer the whole time and for a while after they finish treatment.

Vaseline isn't suitable anneasquith except for his nostrils if they get sore, and the doctor said just use it straight from the pot. They advised Carmex for his lips but said buy what suits for skin and scalp, of course we have no idea currently what suits and what doesn't.
Nivea Soft is very good daffy - normally about £7 - £8 pounds a pot, but currently on offer at Savers for £2.99

(see bottom of first page of leaflet)
I also agree about the Manuka stuff - I was deeply sceptical, but it really does seem to work (at a steep price though).
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Thanks Dave. We'll happily spend money if it stops him suffering so much. He had to miss two days of school the week before last as he could barely walk due to the pain. Now his skin is almost sloughing off in chunks, his mouth has split in the corners too, so he's having to have his food cut up.... at 17 years old. lol
Daffy...I can beat Dave on price...☺...I bought Nivea Soft for the first time because it was £1 in Asda.....fantastic on my feet...won't use any other foot cream now....

Manuka products are great.....I got some online when I was having a skin problem.....expensive but worth it for me at the time...

The other I tried many years ago was Aloe Vera drink.....investigate that online to see if there is any help there......

But for a severe problem I would always go to the Manuka range first...x
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I have actually got a small tub of Nivea Soft that i've used on him twice so far, it was a sample I got in my last Glossybox delivery, it isn't going to last long though so was looking for other options.

I'm seriously considering the Manuka option, which is the best range though? Holland and Barrett seem to do several different brands at varying prices.
Manuka I've used for pressure sores. Like sd, I was sceptical, but it was incredible. Not cheap- but definitely worth a try x
It's a good antiseptic anyway- I didn't know about the moisturising properties.
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Who would have thought an acne treatment could cause so many problems?!
It's going to be worth it in the long run if it cures his acne.
I'm desperately hoping he doesn't suffer the mental health side effects that are possible with this drug.
the side effects sound horrendous, is it worth the pain for him , and how successful is the treatment ?
Pixie....I bought Manuka Doctor from Super Drug was excellent and on a good offer just now I think...x

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