Ashya King - An Interesting Story

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SeaJayPea | 21:57 Sun 07th Sep 2014 | Body & Soul
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Anybody read this today? Bit different from some of the more alarmist articles there have been out there in recent days.


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Interesting. Myself and a few other ABers have been somewhat vilified because we criticised the parents. I hope the article you posted redressed the balance somewhat.
Very interesting story and very enlightening.
i have to say that as far as possible (being privy to only the "facts" in the media) i agree with the poster. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle of what the hospital are saying, and what the parents are saying
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That was my hope as well, Zacs-Master.
I'm not sure it is. They seem to be arguing against things that haven't been said. I don't remember seeing that he was terminally ill. I saw there was around 70% chance of recovery, that the family went to Spain to sell their apartment for funds and that Southampton threatened them with a Court order for asking too many questions. They,also suggested they were helping the family look abroad. That makes no sense, as they wouldn't have needed to leave, if it were true. Whichever way, the hospital have either been unhelpful at best, bullying at worst and if they are being truthful, why did they totally fail to communicate it to the parents.
The parents are concerned for their son- the hospital for their reputation, imo.
whatever the 'truth' the family lost faith in the medical staff at the hospital. once that's gone it's gone.
Thank you so much for posting this SJP. I've been waiting to hear the other half of the story and here it is at last. Some people on here are not going to like reading this. Seems the parents thought they new better than the doctors which some of us suspected.
Perhaps they did. If it wasn't for them, he would still be at Southampton. We won't ever know how that would have turned out. He had had one operation there and lost the ability to walk, talk and smile. I would have needed a lot of reassurance in their position too.
// even the most loving parents will sometimes make bad decisions in moments of extreme stress. //

He will receive the Proton Beam Treatment in the next couple of days, so it doesn't look like it was a bad decission.

// But the fact that his parents belong to a millennial religious cult...suggests that they might not be entirely open to rational argument. //

No it doesn't. Their religious views had nothing to do with them not wanting conventional radiotherapy for Ashya. The PBT centre in Prague say he IS suitable for treatment, so the rational argument is at least contradicted between two sets of doctors.

Only time will tell if the parents made the right decission.
//Only time will tell if the parents made the right decission//

Not necessarily, gromit. There is nothing to compare it to and no way of knowing what would have happened if he had stayed in Southampton.
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that's putting the other side of the story; but I don't think it actually says anything we didn't already know, does it? And that little dig at what (the writer imagines) the parents believe doesn't convince me that she's occupying any moral high ground.
I don't see anything in that article that differs from the conglomeration of facts we had already - the bringing up of religion was unnecessary IMO.
I hold no strong views either way, I just hope the lad gets the treatment he needs and recovers, other peoples views are their business.
there is one interesting bit which makes me doubt this journalist. she states " it was " widely reported" that the Kings are Jehovah's witnesses, then in the next sentence its now a "fact" that the Kings are Jehovah's witnesses. now many things get widely reported but it doesn't make them facts!
Slippery journalese at its best!
This morning viewers were taken around the Proton Beam Unit in Prague, by Sky T.V

I have to say that i was not impressed and would take quite a bit of persuading to allow one of my children to be treated there.

That is not my idea of high tech and it reminded me of the NHS units of the 50;s and 60's and particularly of the Heath Robinson.

I may be doing the unit an injustice and it this is the case then I apologise.

It would not be the choice of the sqad family.
"....proton beam radiotherapy is recommended in only a tiny proportion of cancers – around 1 per cent, according to Cancer Research UK......"

This case is the 1% as its the only one Ive heard of in ALL the years my parents, me, kids & friends have subscribed to this charity.


// There is nothing to compare it to and no way of knowing what would have happened if he had stayed in Southampton. //

If the boy makes a full recovery after PBT then no harm will have been done by the parents. The boy may have recovered the same in Southampton just the same, but that is irrelevant.
... Or the boy might have died at Southampton. Who knows?

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Ashya King - An Interesting Story

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