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RATTER15 | 09:54 Wed 03rd Sep 2014 | Body & Soul
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I just lost a kilo watching it!!

Give them a minute to warm up!!!


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wow that was impressive!!

(puts the huge bar of chocolate down and walks away in shame)

auntie xxx

//a minute to warm up//

Didn't take me that long!!
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Baldric, Do as ABAuntie did. put it down and walk away in shame!!

Auntie knows best,

Meant to add; 'But No Shame!'
Good Grief - I need a rub down now ;+)
Wow...last time I saw anything like that was the night the mouse scuttled out of the sofa into my friend J's lap.....☺
i do those exercises every morning !
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//Change hands next time. ;-)//

I would but I use both hands!
I wonder how long the class goes on for - I'm going to have a lie down now.
Maybe its easier than it looks.


aged 50 & 'about' 20 stone with creaky knees that would never manage with all that bouncing.

PS Did you notice that none of the ladies had wobbly bits

Yes - but what good is it doing apart from an increase heart rate ?
Should imagine it tones everything up Baz !
I liked it best when they stopped.
You can see the normal folk at the edges of the shots. I'd need more than a little stimulation to attempt any of this!

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