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anagram | 19:03 Tue 02nd Sep 2014 | Body & Soul
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My husband has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. On the plus side it doesn't appear to have spread outside of the prostate gland. Today we saw the specialist at our oncology centre and he was offered a place on the trial of abiraterone and enzalutamide. My question is...has anyone any knowledge/experience of these drugs and would it be beneficial for my husband?
Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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\\\\\.has anyone any knowledge/experience of these drugs and would it be beneficial for my husband? \\\

As far as i am aware, trials are on going but the response has been encouraging.

If i were in the position that you say your husband finds himself, then in view of encouraging results from trials, albeit on going, i would certainly accept the offer of a trial position.

This was the latest that i could find almost a year old from University of Texas ......a well respected Oncology Unit.
Sorry have to be a subscriber, but it just confirmed the encouraging results with only couple of defectors due to side effects.
These are both fairly new drugs for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

At the American Society of Clinical Oncology in April of this year a paper was presented which suggested that "the combination has a favorable safety profile" and there were "promising findings". But all the cases had bony disease, and you say the cancer has not spread elsewhere - is that correct?

On the whole I agree with Sqad.
But your husband should be given all the necessary information before making up his mind, and should be able to ask about the possible risks and benefits of the treatment.
Good luck whatever he decides...

Sorry Sqad - I typed that hours ago - it seems to have taken an age to get through. problem.

I think that anagram means that the cancer is confined to the prostate (local spread) but has metastasized to bone.
Yes - I that's probably right.
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Thank you for your replies. We're still considering the options, he has until next week to decide. I think it's the thought of all the possible side effects that is bothering him the most at this point. The cancer isn't in his bones, he had a bone scan a couple of weeks ago and that clear...we breathed a huge sigh of relief!
Thanks again guys.

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Prostate Cancer Drug Trial

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